Zlaner Accused of using VPN For BOT LOBBIES? – BBB Gaming News in 2022

laatste update: 08-2022

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Zlaner Accused of using VPN For BOT LOBBIES? – BBB Gaming News

Please take all our videos as comedy first, with a touch of news. Enjoy.

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Please take all our videos as comedy first, with a touch of news. Enjoy.
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30 gedachten over “Zlaner Accused of using VPN For BOT LOBBIES? – BBB Gaming News in 2022”

  1. Looks like Zlaner stood up Doc's stream today… My guess is he was worried about people calling him out… BBB and all other whistleblowers will make zlaner shut off comments one day. He won't be able to moderate all the hate from people finding out that he's a fraud.

  2. Could just be me but, shouldn't promoting the use of a VPN and even telling people a rough idea how to break the SBMM in Warzone be a bannable offense?

  3. I used to play 10-12 hours straight a session easily before I quit this garbage. From about 2pm to 2am.
    I might have got one single bot lobby. "Might"
    Most days I wouldn't and it's just a deathfest after the first 4 circles against seemingly invincible opponents that are just unafraid and charging you constantly. Sliding, jumping and tanking damage while beaming you with an smg. Feeling like every time I move anywhere I'm plating up again, until I've got none left and you're f#@kd scavenging for more.
    "bound to get a handful of bot lobbies in 6-12 hours" …….🤭 yeah right!

  4. I remember trying to play with two of my friends and his brother, got put into a lobby with Zlaner with the other 3 members of my squad at sub .8kd and with me as the only one above 1kd. Sus shit

  5. God, this dudes delivery when attempting to promote his sponsors is pure DOG WATER! I really don't see the marketability with this guy. He looks like shit, he's puffy, his voice isn't very captivating. He must come from a wealthy family or something. Bought his way into a few things here and there cause that's how it's done in show business. This isn't "hard work" Someone backing this dweeb. If you get past the smoke and mirrors with this guy, there's really not much that's very appealing about him.

  6. I had 1 lobby under 1KD out of like 20 games. People like Benny Central constantly get lobbies of 0.8 or 0.6KD multiple times. It really annoys me

  7. I wouldn't be surprised if bot lobbies are baked into the whitelist service. Think about it, if they add damage protection from hackers it's not going to be hard for them to manipulate the sbmm with a kd cap.

  8. It's easy to tell what streamers are using VPN's for bot lobbies as you can not achieve open NAT whilst using a VPN it'll show they're NAT type as always being moderate no matter what VPN they are using

  9. I see what he’s doing. He’s shift the tide to him using vpn to get bot lobby. Zlaner would rather being called out for using vpn becuz rara trying to make it normal to use vpn😂😂😂

  10. Just think from a content creators point of view. I need to keep my audience entertained by playing crazy good against other players. How can I do this?

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