30 gedachten over “You Need to Have a Cash Flow First”

  1. Say I got a consistent job and $50k. That’s a great start. If you have the credit, do a fha loan to get your first property and jump your net worth to $250k plus like that and live rent free.

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  3. Im going into manufacturing. Good money with chill work, where i can do shit on the side ✌️

  4. Say someone puts down 10k and gets returns of 50k ,take 10k invest 40 k 🤔

  5. Dude wtf you making no sense so you’re saying so crypto then you’re like don’t do it you sir are an idiot it’s makes me think i can do these types of videos

  6. You are a fraud and have absolutely no right to be giving advice on any subject to anyone

  7. Stupid ass video 50k is enough to go from being broke to being a lil comfortable

  8. Technical analysis all that means nothing. Build real business

  9. Dude 50k is plenty if u only invested 500. You would have enough time to research and invest let's say 40k again.

  10. Start a business that constantly generates money, with low investment, steady scale-up business, that gets you enough financial cushion. From that point, you can do whatever you want, safely, if you made wrong decision and lose your money, you dont fall that hard, you have the safety net, you can just try again later

  11. No one knows anything about technical analysis because there’s nothing to know. This line does this, so this other line will do this. Just shut the f up 😂

  12. If you smart enough to buy low and sell at the height. Your smart enough to make money on off crypto

  13. You made 0 sense if someone has 500 to invest he can't fukin get cash flow income by turning that 500 to 50k by luck yeah maybe he can do something with it . Sick of these cash flows videos you can't get millions of dollars properties or business with couple thousands in your bank

  14. Hes the definition of when you had a last minute assignment back in the day and your trying to bullshit your way through without knowing a lick of shit about what your presenting.
    No one gaf about these corny ass videos fam.

  15. Just to clarify something the pro investors in the comment seems to forget is when you withdraw 50k in crypto to convert into $$ in 3 words « IRS »

  16. Investing into crypto currency is not a business model, not for 99.9% of fhe population including investors, I think what you're trying to say is avoid business with heavy startup and administrative costs if you have no bankroll.

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