30 gedachten over “Will This Happen in 2023?”

  1. So wait, recession, assassinated political figure, and someone having monkey human hybrids
    And the best user of your life in the same prediction wha

  2. How is it going to be the best year eith the antichrst will reveal itself

  3. I feel like in 2035 the anti-Christ will start to be more known for about 4 years and then the complete end.

  4. North Korea: “you think we wouldn’t make monkey hybrid soldiers?”

  5. While it's possible it may happen in our lifetime, the anti-christ isn't going to reveal himself in 2023. A lot more events need to transpire before that happens.

  6. In Europe I still see people with masks on inside their car, with Windows rolled up with jackets.

  7. I’m late but personally I don’t think COVID will ever end, it will just be another flu that will most likely be less effective than it’s origins

  8. A governor from negros in the Philippines got assassinated

  9. For live theater performances a lot of theaters still require people to wear masks for rehearsals and performances (actors mainly wear them offstage though)

  10. @Sambucha was that second one a challenge??? Cause if so I am waaaaaay ahead of you. Just gimme the word and I’ll take the shot

  11. Covid didn’t end it’s still gonna be with us we just deal with it better now

  12. "Your Best Year Ever"
    Makes sense im gonna get an xbox this year

  13. I would believe any of the others (yes, even the monkey hybrid soldiers) before I would even dream of 2023 being a good year, much less my best.


  14. The best year ever depends on whether my crush likes me back or not. I left a note in their locker. Stupid me did it on a Friday, so I have to wait over the weekend 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  15. WW3 is gonna happen nukes will drop and we will all be dead

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