Will ETH Have The Same Fate As XRP?? in 2023

laatste update: 12-2023

Ethereum’s transition to POS has been a major upgrade, but centralization concerns are rising. What do you think the future holds for Ethereum?⁠
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  1. Its all on the block chain get in touch with coffee zilla

  2. Make recovery of clients stolen funds part of the plea, snd sentencing.

  3. Am I dumb for not understanding what this has to do with ETH or XRP?

  4. You can't be trusted bro😂 I remember what you said in 2021 about the bull run… Lol

  5. Anyone having problems with Google podcast playing his long podcasts?

  6. How can he use stolen funds as collateral? How is he getting away with this? Blows my mind.🤯

  7. 236 mill ..going to bidens fake mail ballots that show s up in 2024 ..crack cocaine induced biden is a fraud

  8. But …. Mr wonderful said he told him something different….lol lock him up

  9. This creep definitely knew what the fuck he was doing he had that money pulled aside knowing that this might happen and it landed when he needed it via the attorneys without a doubt in my mind?

  10. This is why so many rich people are against crypto. It's public transactions. That old saying, follow the money was never so easy.

  11. Too bad we cant take anything you say as truth or this would be some good stuff.

  12. Wonder when bitboy will get busted by the cops for his lies and and dodgy payments received for pumping tokens. Xrp still never hit $4.00

  13. What does this have to do with ETH or XRP? Anyways, all the corrupt players in #ETHGATE need to face justice. Nothing against ETH, just the bad actors.

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