WHY YOU NEED 10000 ADA Cardano!!!

laatste update: 05-2023

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30 gedachten over “WHY YOU NEED 10000 ADA Cardano!!!”

  1. You changed my life People think it's all about making money but no!! They all make big financial mistakes. I think making money should be your decision for 2023 this year, it made me who I am through investing. Thanks to my mentor Lissandra Johnson.

  2. Not selling till I see 4 dollars and then I'm resetting and buying another bag I'm the next bear marketπŸ’―

  3. Is 1,5$ – 2$ a realistic price for the mid- or long-term for Cardano? What are you’re thoughts?

  4. My average cost was 9 cents in 2018i think. 130,000 ADA staked

  5. Dont just boast around..u r d smartest animal on this plannet we get that

  6. Bad maths with the DCA as you’re assuming it’s always at the current price point, which it won’t be over that time period

  7. Holding 66 000K cardano.

    I bought in at 3 cents, 10 thousand coins for 300$.

    I tethered in 2021 when it was 3$ and steadily bought all 2021 and 2022 .

    Easily the best financial decision I've ever made .

    The next bull run is going to be amazing.

  8. Thanks for the video. I looked into 5 factor
    investing once before after watching a Ben Felix video on YT, but I couldn't find an
    Australian ETF for small cap value index etf. I
    didn't want a US one because of tax
    considerations. Also I wanted to keep my
    investing very simple for my monkey brain.

  9. Sweet, I’m sitting on 11k ADA… and some other stuff… 😏

  10. I hope you're actually using the crypto though because you're looking at Cardano but you're missing the gems that you can purchase with Cardano like Min, World Mobile Token, Agix, NTX, Meld, cNeta. Those are gonna make your ADA value go up so you're ADA is making more ADA. Don't just buy it and hold it. Use the Dexs to get other ADA token projects.

  11. Bought at 14 cents Hodl ever since . ADA is in limited supple most is staked. With new upgrades and ability of exchanging between other net works I plan on seeing it explode. if you wait for 2 halving's to 2028 it would be 400k with 1000 dollar investment. if your prediction is correct. I myself think it's totally possible.

  12. I think there’s diminishing returns for the top 10 cryptos. So I’m thinking 5-6 is a pretty good bet with the $8 being the best case scenario this next bull run. That would make its market cap over $200 billion

  13. Careful telling people what you’re holding…

  14. watching from the Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ we love ADA

  15. teritori. i got 17529 of it. i just want to know about it. thank you

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