Why You May NOT Want An Ultrawide Monitor For Gaming

laatste update: 05-2023

After my first time trying a 34 inch Ultrawide monitor, I realized there was one big reason to not get one for gaming.

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30 gedachten over “Why You May NOT Want An Ultrawide Monitor For Gaming”

  1. Are we going to talk about how at the start the monitor says “did I make you proud daddy” or, we gonna skip that

  2. Ultrawides are great for MOBAs. Being able to see more of the map is worth more than having to look over at ui imo

  3. What game is that and what pc rig to get those sick frames on ultrawide?

  4. I was looking at ultrawide displays but decided to get myself 16:9 32" 4K display instead. For gaming 32" is plenty for not to worry about peripheral view – it's there, but for any content consumption it's just use the entire 32" of the display instead of drawing black borders to the left and right.

  5. I love my curved ultrawide, but I gotta download mods for a chunk of my games to run at full screen because they don’t have 21:9 support. That’s the drawback of ultrawide monitors. Your everyday 16:9 monitor is the standard.

  6. If you play mobas just use maxto to use the portion of the screen you care about.

  7. I think 34 is too much. How about 30 inch and 27 inch curved monitor?

  8. MOBA is a 48" 4k 😉 Simulator you want a 34" 1440p or better a 38" 1600p

  9. I love my 34"Curved UW … i can't go back to a flat monitor …. FPSs are so cinematic in 21:9 … it's great

  10. watching these videos after having already bought the new setup is always an interesting feeling

  11. You can add the lateral black lines for the games that you don't want the ultrawide and problem solved.

  12. Ultrawide is great for certain genres, specifically open world action adventure games, racing games, flight sims.

    That said, I have to disagree about it being a problem for fixed element games like MOBAs and RTS games. Yes, those games do absolutely work better at 16:9, this is true. The great thing about an ultrawide, though, is that you don't have to run it in ultrawide mode. For a 1440p monitor, simply run it in 1440×2560 borderless mode, and you have the game in 16:9, exactly the same as it is on a 27" monitor. Or run it in a regular window, and put a tool such as a guide or a map in the extra space on the end.

    For example, one of my favorite games is Kingdoms of Amalur. I like to run the game in a 16:9 window and then put a map of the area I'm in with all the points of interest marked in the gap on the right and my music playlist in the gap on the left.

  13. I think I found my display G-spot (I'm using Dawid speak obviously) with a 38" 21×9 1600p 160hz LG model. The 2300R Curve is very light, yet still arousing.

  14. I watching video about ultrawide monitor on ultrawide monitor

  15. I have a 49 inch ( 32:9 ) ultrawide monitor, never had regrets.
    It is awesome.😊

  16. Great video, however your point on MOBA games is invalid since you can literally move the minimap in both titles

  17. I want Eyefinity to work again! I could use 3 monitors for FPS widescreen games, and with the HUD on the centre monitor. Just use the centre monitor for games like CIV and most importantly, have the start menu, taskbar, search etc etc always on the centre monitor in windows, always. No need to continuously be moving my head to the left and right corners of the screen just to make a one click selection! Now, it's just a pale imitation of what it once was, and no, don't even mention the abomination that is Nvidia surround!

  18. Can confirm ultrawide are actually great for age of empires.

  19. i mean, if you play crap games like dota you can reduce the resolution without havign it fulscreen. most normal games also allow to move the interface pieces around

  20. Well while I am waiting for my samsung odyssey G9 to get delivered to my house next tuesday I have sold my 34 inch ultrawide monitor and man it is very hard to go back to the usual size, i really dislike things being so small, it might be the first day without it but whew, I cannot game without an ultra wide, I am really not accustomed now.

  21. I dont know why but i cant play with a Ultrawide , considering i have one because i cant focuse enough on the Game being played because it extends the picture way too much

  22. for moba games, can't you just set the resolution to a 16:9 one ?

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