Why Vanessa Left the Snowdens | Seeking Sister Wife

laatste update: 12-2022

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30 gedachten over “Why Vanessa Left the Snowdens | Seeking Sister Wife”

  1. I just rewatched the wedding episode does anyone remember the fight he got into with his sister? By the time the cameras got to them both Dimitri and Ashley were putting their hands on her and stopped once they say the cameras. Then they explained it by saying the sister was just upset that she couldn't spend more time with him 🤔. Vanessa cried when they asked her about her future with the Snowdens at the time we all thought they were happy tears…. It all makes sense now

  2. I just came across this show on tv had no idea what it was about. Wow they put anything on TV this show is absolutely ridiculous such nonsense I'll never watch this foolishness again 🤦🏾‍♀️

  3. Unless people realize that this sister wives business go beyond the flesh; you will always focus on the flesh.

  4. They need to be taken off of this. TLC doesn’t care about the victims that had to go through all the hardships. Only profit and recognition* sad*

  5. Idk why it can't be "will you marry us" you can have a female in your relationship and no be sexual. If you are sharing a relationship together it should be "us" from the get go.

  6. Also sounds like the family pulled the plug on yalls relationship with Vanessa. That's why it was done via text and why her sister and aunt came with her. They were probably there to insure she kept quiet and didn't attempt to rekindle the banned relationship. I can't however confirm this as I don't know her families religious background but in several countries it would be unthinkable to allow thier daughter to marry an already married man. The family would never be able to relax jncase the man decides on a whim to dissolve the relationship with their daughter which in turn would leave her without a provider and force her to return home to them. Once a daughter is married it's considered shameful to have them return to their parents home for any reason. Almost like they failed to raise her correctly which is absolutely bananas. Sometimes things don't work out but I guess if you don't have the proper resources that could be a matter of life and death.

  7. Just let him go to the bar and pick someone up he's into that too isn't he

  8. Never really thought this would last, sorry to say, there were so many rules just to be intimate too LOL which I respect, its their thing but it was apparent that it wasn't Vanessa's vibe, she had to change in order to be accepted in the family I guess? And she probably lost herself in the process and maybe came to a point that it was too much for her. The wife definitely has that boss attitude, I mean love that about her too, she seems to be confident and knows what she wants but I think you have to have the same beliefs as them in order to be able to last living with them, it's that or maybe this is scripted? LOL

  9. Ya going Straight To Hell if ya don't repent from sin and accept Jesus Christ, as the payment for your transgressions against God.

  10. Ashley is so full of crap!!! She's so okay with it but then the face she makes EVERYTIME he talks about having sex with the sister wife!!! Ashley's not fooling anybody. She just has this dream to have an "empire" and she's willing to do whatever it takes, even share her husband just to get free help…

  11. Vanessa is a beautiful woman. Why settle as being a sister wife. She deserves ONE Loving husband. I pray she finds this and true happiness in her Life ❤

  12. Sister wives work because just look at nick cannon he can have ten children in one year but he can’t a woman cannot it would take her ten years to do that if she can even have that many

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