Why the 2018 PORSCHE GT2 RS made me lose… in 2022

laatste update: 06-2022

Pushing the 2018 Porsche GT2 RS Weissach Package to “the max” and talking some blabla you might don’t know about this car.
I also explain why I feel like I’ve lost…

– 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS
– 3.8 flat six twin turbo 700 BHP
– Weissach Package
– Rear wheel drive
– Fastest production car on the Nordschleife (June 2018)
– Fastest 911


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  1. It "only" has 700hp, n yet most driver can't access all the power. Why? Coz lack of confidence. Only few can drive it to the fullest. Compares it to Performante, which really give normal guy the confidence to enjoy the car.
    That's why the manthey racing upgrade package consist of upgrading the aero & suspension parts. It should have been on the car from starts.

  2. Why cant you open the engine bay? is it locked for the owner so you have to go to a professional for work?

  3. The 2RS was shipped with the plastic steering wheel but my sales ambassador indicated that the carbon fiber replacement would be available in the 1st quarter of 2019.

  4. He likes to sound like he is very experienced at this. Still reality is that this is the first time in such a fast car.

  5. Review was nicely done but you're asking for a basal skull fracture when you use harnesses without a HANS Device…HUGE no, no!

  6. Like turbo is a must to reach ~700hp. Ever heard of the Huracan Performante? Or the Ariel Atom V8? Even Porsche's own NA V8 in the 918 comes close to those numbers. Increase the displacement or specific output a little and you're right there.

    Engine weight would increase somewhat, but not by a large amount. You must realize that turbos and coolers and the rest of the periphery also weigh something. A turbo 3,8 flat 6 is around 50kg heavier than a NA 3,8l flat 6. So a 4,5-5,5l V8 or V10 would only be slighty heavier than a turbo 3,8l flat 6.. probably also within 50kg. That's nothing compared to the gains in driveability, so that argument doesn't count.

    Every current sports car / race car except the exotics like the Chiron and Agera could be realised with a NA engine without problems. The only problem is that the manufacturers are cookie cutters who suck the eco maniacs' vegan dicks and thus don't have the balls to do it.

  7. I mean I would want a car like this. But have you ever tried carbontastic they make custom made steering wheels. But I would love to buy a GT2 RS. This car looks amazing. I mean I wouldn’t really take this car on a track. I don’t really care that much about Nurburgring times like that. But hey you said what had to say about the car I don’t blame you.

  8. I love turbos. Just because a car is turbod doesnt exactly mean it has to have super low compression low rpm and a terrible noise. Just listen to a modified 2jz or rb26. It just so happens that most manufacturers nowadays that use turbos set them up that way ( although personally think ferrari did a great job with the pista )

  9. The intro is spot on. Core and DNA of the Porsche brand is it's racing credentials. You can more or less say, that in all the time of it's exisistence there haven't been any longer periods where Porsche were absent from the competition of the Nürburgring which in itself is known to be the hardest racetrack known to mankind. So… 😉

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