Why ISO20022 isn’t important for crypto

laatste update: 10-2023

Why ISO20022 isn’t important for #crypto


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30 gedachten over “Why ISO20022 isn’t important for crypto”

  1. Freedom has a price. We need standards as a trial to seperate the usefullness from the hype.

    There are hundreds of tokens : which one to chose? For which type of utility?

    Global adoption will not happen without regulations and standards.

  2. Iso 20022 is a finacial guidline or standard that tokens have to have to be used… come on W how would it not matter. You dont know what you are talking about

  3. You are litteraly explaining how it matters as you are saying it doesnt matter, watch the week and week after march 20th!

  4. As of today: ISO 20022 Mx Messages INCLUDE Crypto

    SWIFT Transaction Manager API is enabled for DLT

    In other words crypto is integrated into the financial transactions coming very soon.

    Didn’t age well at all this video but whatever

  5. Lol only iso20022 coins are going to explode.. not all cryptos.

  6. Why are you throwing up a salute to Baphomet at the beginning???? 😮

  7. Now when i saw XRP %30+ in 4 hours, I always remember you Wendy 🙂

  8. What she saying makes sense, but bitcoin is going to be destroyed. It’s going to be the fastest falling investment in history. It’s weird to think you could bet against the cartel and win.

  9. If "they" pump the iso20022 coins , I'm in 😶
    XDC doing rather well for Months now , significant profit uptill now 👌

  10. Girl stop spreading false information. NO Stopping ISO20022 tokens.

  11. Question: Which is easyly trackable today : digital cash from app to app exchange hands of cash OR Block chain ledger transactions? CBDC is going to use the same banking laws.

  12. ISO has crypto coded into it when it is time , no matter what sector…..not picking SAFE cryptos , picking UTILITY COINS ….ISO does matter …full stop!

  13. bitcoin it turns out was created in part by US security/intelligence agencies with either MI5 or another British intelligence agency, start the thing you need to work for sake of getting out of global disastrous collapse of petrol dollar first ever bitcoin ip address was us government building, it got people into crypto to introduce cbdc's then every coin that isnt compliant gets made illegal, if it doesnt comply it will die,

  14. She kinda contradicted herself with all her bullish talk on xrp, xlm, quant, etc. if they’re scary with their associations why is she holding them ?

  15. Welp that's all well and good, but I'm trying to make money lmao 🤷🏾‍♂️

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