laatste update: 06-2023

FTX NEWS: What’s wrong sbf? 💊 Sam Bankman Fried shaking uncontrollably from drug use and addiction. FTX ceo SBF running in bahamas away from his bitcoin and ethereum trading history again?! How often did Caroline Ellison and SBF do drugs? #sbf #ftx #sambankmanfried


  1. Or he is stressed. When i get stressed I shake just like this and stutter. Never done drugs at all. Doctors say its a stress response…

  2. F–k the Cross. God is coming for you repent return to the GOSPEL is your only chance.

  3. I'm pretty sure this man just wants to drop dead bc he knows what's coming. I definitely wouldn't be able to speak correctly, eat, and none stop shaking.

  4. Bro everyone answer in this comment section is wrong he is on something that rhymes ketamine

  5. God's hatred of Greed manifest in an example for the world to see.

  6. They said he was getting shiver shakes while in court the other day. May be scripts or withdraws from scripts

  7. Who cares what drug he does he took money from people and used it the way he wanted too

  8. Good Ol' Kosher Inbreeding. Ya know the chosen ones got them good 🧬 genes unlike the goy. 😂

  9. This guy will be deleted…either by the politicians or the people he screwed out of money. Its called paying the piper to dance the dance. I do not feel sorry for him.

  10. He shakes in other interviews. But no doubt he's nervous here.

  11. this isn't the worse one he was on tv one episode shaking like michael j fox and his teeth were piss yellow and plaque ridden

  12. He’s nodding.
    I do that too whenever I’m like really really alert on my good days and someone is speaking to me about something I want to respond adequately to. It’s body language that SBF is known for having by demonstrating he’s really engaged with the question being asked. It’s not hard. You’re a moron that never listens or pays attention for thinking this is just some effect of hard drugs he’s taking. I’m not even backing him up. He’s just intently , actively listening and getting ready to answer the question. His nodding is assurance that he understand what’s being asked and is engaged and ready to respond..
    again, not backing him up, but this was just dumb.
    Drugs? No.
    This is the nerdiest most malevolent evil In the world and that’s just how he gestures.

  13. It’s so crazy to me that people have left crypto, it’s like a ghost town out here, but the opportunities are so damn good right now. Trading these moves is an absolute dream. Alt-coins are low as hell and ready to rip. I’m catching breakouts left and right.

  14. This is mocking a serious condition! ADHD is a SERIOUS mental disorder and you should be ashamed of mocking this!

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