30 gedachten over “Why is Luna Classic LUNC skyrocketing? (Back to $0.01?)”

  1. LUNC is a layer one blockchain not a meme coin. Stop with the misinformation!

  2. CZ binance said he would do it if it was his way only actually too

  3. I’d like to hear more of your opinions not what the community thinks

  4. The whales are draining liquidity then they buy back in as the cycle repeats

  5. $1k investment for price to hit $1 would be nice. Risk I’m willing to take

  6. Im hoping they get to a point where they repeg it. Thays what cz wants to do. He will rule.the world if they repeg it

  7. Same guy that sold out, have fun staying poor. Stay faithful in things, faith is stronger than you think.

  8. Volt Inu is deflationary and has over 103 exchanges in only a year is and primed to run in the next bull cycle. Best opportunity for Lunc community to recover any loses 100%. Volt Inu has a multichain swap that uses the transaction fees to burn the supply of any token bought or sold on it platform. Volt inu already has many holders that did good on Shib Doge Saitama Shinja etc.. All these communities joining Volt inu so early will definitely guarantee massive gains a lot sooner than anticipated ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️

  9. Terra Luna Classic $1 watch and see 💪💪💪

  10. If Lunc goes to 1 dollar I will go into a adoption boys and girls clubs and buy them 5 PS5, and 5 giant Tvs, and I’ll donate thousands to people in need.

  11. Great Anaalysis.. Lunc already moving as we all know

    LUNC TO THE 🚀 Moon

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