Why Is Cardano ADA Pumping? – Can Cardano Hit $32? in 2022

laatste update: 07-2022


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30 gedachten over “Why Is Cardano ADA Pumping? – Can Cardano Hit $32? in 2022”

  1. Why does Charles seem like an angry & resentful man? He doesn’t shut up about how bad other projects are and he’s shoving himself into developing countries “creating a need” (no I’m not an Etherean b4 anyone speculates, I am woke 👀) I’m wary AF!

  2. 4:30 NOBODY announces that they are selling or buying ahead of time. So Dubai funds have ALREADY sold and bought. ALL media is a tool of manipulation.

  3. The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

  4. You hit this one out of the park my friend! And, you’ve been here since the beginning! Congratulations and blessings on your success, and newfound wealth!

  5. Cardano is a solid project and not surprised how well it's doing at the moment.
    I am buying and staking more of it on my Atomic Wallet alongside my first love $AWC.
    Even though I like $ADA but not more than $AWC that gives me up to 23% APR. $ADA gives cool returns too tho

    Nice Video

  6. Buy ADA, but don’t sell your ETH. ADA is currently at a price where your fiat can accumulate volume. By converting your ETH, you’re jeopardising your upside on ETH. ADA is cheap, use FIAT. For those who hold ETH with weak hands. Just hedge your ETH position with ADA. It’s simple. Increase your upside while minimising your risk. Diversification. Nothing more, nothing less.

  7. yes it's Started….anyone who missed the bitcoin train can board it ADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. We bought DENT, because whilst Bitcoin, Ethereum & Cardano may only do a 5-10x from its current price, DENT has potential to do 50x

  9. Or people realize that btc is the steam engine and cardano is the gasoline engine. Why must we live in a world where a coin can only have a certain value if btc is 10x more than that value? What if btc becomes the napster of crypto and cardano becomes number 1? When you start to think about why crypto was invented, you begin to demand results. If cardano can deliver, why not own something that not only gives you passive income, can be used to run businesses and smart contracts, but IS ALSO scarce and can hold value just like gold?

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