30 gedachten over “Why I think we will see $750 Ethereum”

  1. totally agree with you
    most of the ppl forgot the meaning of bear market cycle and time frame
    they are just expecting to see bull market cycle all the time !!!!

  2. Wendy if you ever come to Philadelphia let me know so we can hang out together 🥳

  3. i wish can go $750 so I can buy more,also Bitcoin so a least I can own one Bitcoin. Wendy thank you for the videos.

  4. Just wait for usdt to implode then we will see that 750$ eth lol 😂

  5. Etherium to zero the hacks, Ada taks over 😂😂😂look the use case, fee, technologie,, eth is goning, nowhere

  6. I just sold all my Bitcoin and ETH because I am disappointed in blockchain Tecnology. Hasgraph is the future and the best, cheap Tecnology I have ever used so I've invested all my liquidity in HBAR and I would suggest everyone do the same because blockchain has had its time like blackberry phones 😄 🤣 😂 😆 . I can garentee in 10years HBAR will be 1/2 $ in 10 years 100 %. ETH BTC HAD ITS DAYS ITS OVER. STOP CHASING THE PAST AND INVEST IN THE FUTURE.

  7. i love this wendy chick she doesnt sugarcoat anything….ppl should be thrilled to hear this …and 750$ is being conservative 😅

  8. We all need to go #decentralized with our money! I’m sure everyone just heard that Bank of America just emptied accounts #digibyte is for the people by the people. ❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉

  9. ‘This didn’t age well’…….welp this won’t either. Double down on your wrong calls tho. I like your conviction. You go!

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