Why Facebook Will Be Destroyed By Winklevoss Twins

laatste update: 12-2022

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These brothers were robbed of $960 Billion
but they’re getting revenge
when you hear “the Winklevoss twins”
you probably think of these two chumps from the social network
and while yes, Zuckerberg stole their idea for Facebook
they’re now they’re getting revenge
when you hear “the Winklevoss twins”
that will destroy it
After their FB settlement of $65M
the brothers tried to raise a VC fund
only to be shunned by Silicon Valley elites
now two rich college athletes
are not who you’d expect to pioneer
a fringe movement like crypto
but they turned their Facebook anger
towards a $10M bet on Bitcoin at $8 / pop
from there,
they launched two billion-dollar startups
crypto-exchange Gemini
and NFT hub Nifty Gateway
Now with a fresh mindset
and an armory of billions,
the twins predict that decentralized networks
will make Facebook obsolete

30 gedachten over “Why Facebook Will Be Destroyed By Winklevoss Twins”

  1. American voters are clearly obsolete now but I'd give it to them anyway.

  2. Facebook has lots and lots of fake news and distorted facts used in political platforms.

  3. I swear Zuckerberg is part Vampire. Looks like them from "30 Days of Night" WATCH IS and look at their teeth and his

  4. God bless u only one God the Father and the Son Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit ✝️🙏🏽

  5. My mom complaining why Facebook doesn’t work

  6. They won’t be fighting against Mark unless they are german born or Turks

  7. I made the move last week and deleted the book of faces. Next step, youtube?

  8. That wasn't robbery. If anything they were all slimmy aholes, that couldn't work together.

  9. Little late don’t ya think zuckerborg will be billions of light years away on his new planet next musk and the others lol

  10. nine hundred sixty billion?..musk only has two hundred ninety two billion..

  11. When you are rich before being rich. It does not count. What makes me sick is this is not a fair world.

  12. Screw Facebook. It’s a distraction to what’s really going on. Turning people into bunch of narcissists

  13. Zuccenberg(cheese burger), bill gates all are thieve who stole idea from others

  14. Zuck betrayed the Winks. Winks will be richer than Zuck.

  15. The changes they are making to Twitter are going to bring a lot of new users and with Elon Musk investing in Twitter good things are coming, disclaimer I took a long position yesterday 🚀

  16. Well me and my friends we're crazy active on Facebook in our school days.. Now hardly anyone use it. Masses have shifted to Instagram( also owned by him) .. I haven't used Facebook since 3 yrs..

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