Whoopi Goldberg suspended from ‘The View’ after Holocaust comments l GMA

laatste update: 02-2023

ABC News suspended Goldberg for two weeks after she made inaccurate claims that the Holocaust was “not related to race” on Monday’s episode.

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30 gedachten over “Whoopi Goldberg suspended from ‘The View’ after Holocaust comments l GMA”

  1. The Holocaust wasn’t about race. Gypsies, gays, Catholics, Mental Ill Germans..along with Jews went to camps. Had nothing to do with race

  2. Lmao. Truth getting closer and closer. Jewish was never a race you're all white. You don't even stand out unless you dress up. Lmao. Clowns

  3. I feel like this is tragic. It is about both, and Whoopi, you should have done better

  4. I had so much love for Whoopi, but this as a black slammed in this country, you have a responsibility to make why it’s better with all of us that want to make things better. It’s clear, your time has passed and you have forgotten the ability to be gracious

  5. Praise the Lord!!!! The white man is loosing power!!! It's about time blacks are reading the Bible and finding out they are Jews!!!! My great grandmother was right!!!

  6. No only person who puts color first is the black people the white people don't give a f***

  7. She’s a Jew hating Hamas loving part of the squad American hater black racist Whoopee the whale

  8. Hates on jewish community, last name is Goldberg. What a dunce 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Look at the races WHITE and WHITE JEWS. Question how long was the holicaust verse Salavery.

  10. Whoppi , the KKK and Aryan Nation all adhere to this racist Holocaust Denying.

  11. In international law, race is being redefined because it is a very hard term to define. Jews were killed because they belonged to that community. That is why the Geneva Convention and the Roma statute defined Jews as race. Jews were not considered as white people but as Jews. I continue to believe that they are not white because if they were/ are the nazi in chief, hitler could have not killed them. The nazis knew how to identify them and killed them. This is a very sensitive issue, journalists need to bring experts to speak about it instead of canceling people who do not understand that topic.
    Talking of holocaust, genocide, crimes against humanity and war crime , do you know that Hutu, Tutsi and Twa were not defined as ethnic group and became one because people were killed for being part of those groups. I am talking about those three communities in Burundi 🇧🇮, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo because their perception about those communities has changed the international law and how to qualify the gross violation of human rights against them. Be blessed.

  12. She was NOT wrong! The Holocaust WAS NOT about race! Hitler and the Nazi's may have thought it was. The world might also have thought it was (since this current world sees "race"), but I assure you it was not. Isn't it amazing how her bosses can give her a two-week time out because they disagree with her…or can't stand the truth? One or the other. You can talk about anything (the illusion of free speech for everything until you tell a truth they don't want people to know). We are ONE human race with many ETHNICITIES.

    The fact that one RELIGIOUS group (which contains more ethnic groups than most people realize) was targeted had nothing to do with RACE! One can argue it had to do with the ideology of race, but we need to stop confirming this false notion. Cows producing milk on our farms, horses bred for racing, chickens being eaten, and animals in zoos, now that's about race; for the singular human race is indeed distinguished from animals (as God originally made us [male and female] in His likeness).

    So, dishonest media that suppresses and cancels the truth, let's get it right; human beings of different colors are not of different "races!" Your subtle and crafty use of language perpetuates the lie that races exist in the human family. They do not. Furthermore, you love to make examples of more visible members of our society to force apologies when they've spoken truly, just so that everyone else can see that they must appease you to be free! Good thing the truth sets me free and the truth is of God.

    Humanity is but one race full of sinful people who transgress against others of their kind. For this reason, we refer to ourselves as "humankind" or "mankind"). I wish Whoopie had stood her ground, but “No one can serve two masters, for either (s)he will hate the one and love the other; or else (s)he will be devoted to one and despise the. other." -the Bible

  13. All her racist comments she should be banned from tv permeant

  14. kind of funny that she is racist against all races that exist right now due to the fact that there are actually different ethnicities within different races

  15. The day this pig is removed from this dumpster fire of a television show, will be a day to celebrate.

  16. Whoopi Goldberg is so caught up with Blackness that she has no emotional room to bring in another group of people….She said it herself that she did not associate race with an individual who you could not decipher from their physical appearance!! What a narrow minded, self centered, UNEDUCATED, primadonna!!

  17. Whoopi is the typical uneducated moronic idiot that is the extreme left! I hope that she is fired this time rather than suspended! What a fool!

  18. The bitch (Whoopi Goldberg) should have been fired on the spot…

  19. Holocaust isn't about race. Why is that so controversial so people can't have an opinion when it comes to the Jews selfish and disgusting.

  20. It WASNT about race, it was about religion and anti homosexuality and criminals etc. They killed Germans and Hungarians and millions of white ppl. Jess aren't a race, they're a religion

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