What Happens If You Don’t Eat For 5 Days? in 2023

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Get the Highest Quality Electrolyte . Have you wondered what would happen if you stopped eating for several days? What goes on inside your body when don’t eat for a day or several days? Everyone is trying some form of fasting like intermittent fasting, one meal a day or long term fast. Which is the best times for you to fast? Do you need to fast and is it safe. Find out all the answers and more.

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🔷 What Really Happens In Your Body When You Fast?

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🔷 What Really Happens In Your Body When Series:

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  1. hi what if there is nothing really major wrong with me health wise but i wanted to do a 30 day FAST only Water would that be dangerous ?

  2. all those technical things are completely incomprehensible to a 'normal' person

  3. I lost most of my senses of taste and smell during the CV.19 pandemic. All I can really taste is sweet sugary things. It's horrible! I never liked sweet foods. I preferred saltiness. Everything else tastes like styrofoam. 😭😭😭 Anyone else have this problem?

  4. I still don't understand the difference between fasting and starvation, except fasting is a choice. I get severe headaches and throw up violently 24 hours into fasting. I've been on Keto and lost 75 lbs, but idk about fasting. I"m elderly.

  5. I do 16-18 daily fasts. I have cut out the magority of carbs and sugar too. I have lost 20 lbs in 3 weeks. I am feeling much better and not as hungry any more. The sugar is the key

  6. Like why won't you eat for 5 days for what ..what are you trying to prove and who are y'all trying to impress…with all these unnecessary hunger fest..if the body didn't need food the creator or nature wouldn't make it that way..est right exercise and drink water that's all!!

  7. I have started a 16:8 fasting. I’m on day 2. My goal is to reach 5 days fasting by the end of the year

  8. I started getting fat due to retireing. So i been eating just dinner, no breakfast no lunch. Dropping weight fast, belly almost flat again. 2 days of the week ( weekend) i have lunch.

  9. 94 hours (4 days almost 5)in and the thought of giving up is so strong. I’m not hungry but I feel so weak and I think a lot of it is mental I’m gonna try and not give up

  10. People who are fasting try instead of just water, packets of electrolytes and salt. ESPECIALLY Salt will change your mentality and make you feel better. Try to get starting with 1-2 gram's till you are used to it then up the gram's of salt. Also sleeping as much as you can. Coffee helps too.

  11. I have water fast once for 3 days. The first day was rough for me, but towards the end of the second day, I was feeling better. I was 425 pounds at the time that brought me down to 413 after I was done I thought about doing again

  12. 2:184.. But fasting is the best for you, if you only knew. ( سورة البقرة )‎

  13. 68 years old and I just finished 96 hour fast. I normally do 18/6 daily for past few years and also did 96 hrs a year ago. I went from 230lbs to 170 in the past year, now down to 165. I eat very little carbs, good quality organic eggs, vegs, grass fed/finished meats and wild salmon, sardines, cod livers. Everything in my blood work has normalized and I am off all BP meds. It does work. I am almost never actually hungry. Some days I won't eat at all and then notice it's almost bedtime so I just skip any food until next day. This easily turns into a 24+ hour fast. Thanks Dr Sten for all your excellent advice!

  14. In 12 days in and i have a little anxiety 😥 the first fews days i felt very good.

  15. I’m now 51 hours into my first fast ever!! Didn’t know how long I could go. I thought I’ll try 24 hours but it’s going well and I decided to continue until I completed 3 days!! I’ll go to bed now and tomorrow It’s countdown 😊
    I’m 44, 162 cm 58 kg before fasting. I might be able to continue more than 3 days but I’ll break the fast after that as I’m not sure if it’s healthy for me to just drink water. Does anyone know if I need to supplement the water I’m drinking with vitamins or electrolytes? Today I blended 1,5 teaspoon salt in about 2,4 litres of water, but not sure if that’s needed. Does anyone know if you need any supplements when fasting this way?

  16. I stopped eating for a day and a half and I couldn't get up from bed. No fasting for me😂

  17. DR?! I can watch you all day. Thank you for the time invested ❤

  18. We all know that exercise is good for the body Dr.Sten,Do you mean that it’s beneficial to exercise while I’m fasting?

  19. I've been following @drekberg videos and reading about fasting and nutrition for almost 2 years, which changed my life. I was 45 years old, weighing 95Kg in December 2021. I started fasting cut sugars, bread, and super processed foods. Lost 25kg, reduced my insulin levels, and have much more energy and mind clarity. I can solve problems at work in a level and efficient manner. I'm also able to regulate my emotional states at home and in my everyday relationships in a way that's noticeable to me and all around me. I follow OMAD (One Meal a Day) almost every day of the week and try doing a 72hr fast at least once every 6 to eight months. I've never felt bad, dizzy, nauseous or lightheaded. I've always felt a heightened state of mind, more attention, concentration, and a higher level of sense perception than ever before in my life. I'm close to turning 47 years old in September 2023 and I've never felt or looked so fit and athletic in my life. Not even in my 20's! The way I look is a reflection of the way I feel and it is simply incredible for me. Sometimes I don't even recognize myself in the mirror! You can't undo years of bad lifestyle choices in a few months, not even after a year and a half, but I'm begging to sprout a six pack and I have amazing stamina and energy to go about in my everyday life as well as emotional stability that was unknown to me before deciding to change my lifestyle. Hope this helps anyone reading and having doubts or fears about fasting and ditching sugar from their lives.

  20. Already in my 16 hours of fast and i must say its not easy at all. But i trust God to strengthen me 🙏

  21. Hi, Great presentation! I am 69 years old and have been wheelchair bound with MS since I was 37. I religiously followed your 72 hr diet. Can I expect to get any improvement in my condition or am I just dreaming/? Anyway, keep up your excellent work. Peter D.

  22. i, Great presentation! I am 69 years old and have been wheelchair bound with MS since I was 37. I religiously followed your 72 hr diet. Can I expect to get any improvement in my condition or am I just dreaming/? Anyway, keep up your excellent work. Peter D

  23. Fantastic, explained a lot of questions I've had about the inter-relationship between Keto and Fasting.
    I've found low blood sugar to be the most intense during keto induction phase or fasting in the first 3-4 days. If you can maintain discipline to get through that period, the rest is much easier without having hunger pains. After 12-14 hours from a no breakfast morning until dinner time, I get a slight notification that I 'might' be hungry, but its trivial and can be dismissed easily if you want to cut calories even more.
    I found it kind of hard to actually the full 1800 calories a day the last time I was on keto.
    Trying again next week, only adding daily workouts to the routine.

  24. Im naturally prone to headaches, so when i started fasting i was a little nervous. But i found that when fasting, if i put pink Himalayan salt in my water a few times a day it helped significantly… hope this helps

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