What £300000 In Dividend Shares Pays Me In Passive Income in 2023

laatste update: 05-2023

In this video I reveal my dividend passive income from a UK share portfolio of £300,000.
I have a fairly ordinary job in the education sector but I’ve growing my portfolio for 13 years now by simply investing spare money each month into large established companies mainly in the FTSE 100. Many of these companies are global giants earning much of their revenue from around the world. I prefer large established companies which pay reliable dividends simply because I find this highly motivating seeing monthly payments flowing in. I always reinvest the dividends and allow them to compound over time. Regular investing into dividend shares allows you to generate a stream of passive income which grows over time. The end goal is to achieve financial independence and retire early. My stockbroking platform is Barclays Smart Investor which allows me to buy individual companies in the UK and a wide range of funds including Exchange Traded Funds from around the world. I make good use of a stocks and shares ISA to protect my investments from tax. The companies I mention in this video are Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Diageo, Unilever, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, iShares Core FTSE 100 ETF, Barclays, National Grid, British American Tobacco, SSE, Lloyds Banking Group, HSBC Holdings, Tesco, Rio Tinto, Tate and Lyle, Aviva, United Utilities, Imperial Brands, Greencoat UK Wind, Direct Line group, iShares S&P 500 ETF, IG Group, Croda International, Bluefield Solar Income Fund, Renewable Infrastructure Group.
Disclaimer The information presented on this channel and in these videos is for entertainment purposes only and is not financial advice. The price of shares can go down and well as up. Investing in shares is not appropriate for everyone so please do your own research.

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  1. I think my average is around £120 a month slow and steady highest is 160 in a month. I have 18 divi paying companies and 5 growth and a etf starting to want to move everything towards divi the swings do play on your temperament but definitely something I’m enjoying seeing compounding. Fantastic video bud good to see how persistence and drive can make a difference

  2. I'm building a similar portfolio but as a higher rate tax payer i'm hesitant to build the portfolio to yield more than the personal allowance of £2000 in yearly dividend income as i'll have to pay 32.5% tax on everything over and above that (basically losing 1/3!). I'll be moving towards growth stocks and ISAs from then on for tax efficiency. Any thoughts?

  3. Nice insight into your journey. Personally I think u could have got a higher yield % than you have at 300k . I have around that amount but iam in at around 8% more concentrated super high yielders around £24k a year. But your growth may have been higher.

  4. The key question is which is the more remunerative strategy: buy Ftse 100 stocks and pay the transaction fees and dividends tax, or buy in funds invested in these stocks and pay the percentage of portfolio value fees which can be quite steep? And given the FTSE 100 has moved sideways for over 20 years, what are the real gains over inflation? Anyway you show that the right approach to investing is to be methodical, keep your records and take the time to analysis them to fine tune your approach.

  5. here for the support my friend! Keep up the great work 🙂

  6. An honest video, of how to create a passive income . We my wife and i who are both retired have a goal to create a passive income stream average to equal the uk state pension that we receive note which is not the full £9,300 our aim is to produce £7,500 which is an amount in between of what she receives as an o.a.p and what i receive which is a few hundred pounds more.

    My portfolio is a shoot gun portfolio 44 investment which all pay dividend plus 2 stock which are make or break gamble. Most of the investments are investment trusts (shock horror) UK Europe Global, Asia, Infrastructure, diverse income, social housing, property, shares two uk bank, bp, shell, 3 insurance companies, vod . I might go completely to investment trust, (horror) reason if i die it will be easy for her to manage either take the divs or reinvest, as the investment blue print will be their.
    My financial year end on May 31st 22, so far my portfolio has paid out 83 dividend payments, cha ching

    The wife portfolio ( i told you so ) holds 27 investment trusts and BP her portfolio is being invested monthly drip feeding into the market, from taking profits last year. i try to weight each portfolio differently, Some duplication but with either her or me lighter on one holding if we both hold the same. Her portfolio year finishes on 31st of March so far she have received 49 dividend payments.

    So far we have received 139 dividends payments this year, we might just scrape in on our target of 7.5k or slightly under. I am not to bothered about capital growth we had a good year last year before we sold out and took profits. That is one psychological with investments? you sit nursing a decent gain then the market goes volatile on you up down after a few weeks and things come back we took the profit and sat out for a couple of months. Both portfolios held in an ISA.

    Youngsters you can work your arse off for 50 years and still have sweet F/A but if you spent 50 years working and invested a little each month after 50 years you would have thousands of people working their butts off while you can sit on yours.

    (Note please be aware you will receive a smaller O.A.P credit if your company pension scheme contracted you out. Don't assume, you will have an automatic right to receive the full uk state pension after working 35 or 45 years it all depends on what N.L. stamp you paid. Many will quite rightly say contracted out N.I finished in april 2016 so all pay a full stamp, but people who retire today or in the next 20 years will still be effected if they were contracted out by their company pension scheme.
    You need to have paid 35 years full stamp to receive the full O.A.P regardless of how many year you have been working.

  7. Really engaging video. Really interesting to see the impact of Covid too. Wishing you all the best!

  8. Amazing videos, Just Subbed, was wonder was curious with your investments have you beaten the market and what do you find you like about single stock investing vs buying an ETF for example, would be interesting to compare your results again popular ETF results?

  9. Excellent, but you can probably double your dividend income if you sell call options on stock that you own and put options on stock that you would like to own. I am not sure how you would do that within an ISA though.

  10. A bit confued TCI, you can put £20k in a S&S ISA each year. So how do you bed & Isa in april the full allowance, then put in to reinvest your dividends (c£12k) and the capital you mention putting in – if the answer is between that and another non-ISA account, would be keen to learn how you manage this through the year – thanks for being a great example to us

  11. Great video, thank you! What do you think about covered call ETFs, such as QYLD?

  12. Nice video, I’ve been on a similar journey over the last 10 years with a hand full of dividend paying stocks which mostly paused/dropped their dividend payments the last 2 tax years, was averaging a 5% yield before the pandemic but last tax year was 1% yield, current tax year is 3% yield, I’m predicting next tax year I’ll yield 6% – waiting on the bank/financial companies results later this week to see how comfortable I am with my projection.

  13. Hey, just found your video's, they're super helpful. I'm just about to start my proper journey this month.
    If you were to start again now knowing what you know already, what would you be looking for? Also, is it worth trying to 'Russia proof' any of your investments? (either from sanctions not direct action)

  14. wouldnt you have been better off investing in the ftse 100?

  15. Do you track your yield on cost? Something like (yearly_dividend/average_cost) * 100 . If so do you find it a meaningful/motivating metric? When I watch say PPC Ian, I kind of find it interesting for those companies that've been held for several years.

  16. I aim to get £3 million equity portfolio. Grow it 12-15% A year and withdraw down 5% so £150k passive income a year to replace my £110k a year job

  17. Great video – well done! Looks like focusing on Dividends hasn't slowed you down at all! Be great to see a breakdown of all the holdings and when they are paid in some form of spreadsheet – my inner spreadsheet geek kicking in – be a great follow on video too.

  18. Love the transparency. Interesting to see how investors do what they do over the pond! Keep it going!

  19. Great discipline! It mirrors my strategy and my dividend income (all shares held in ISAs) is now 30k/yr. Quit work at 47 and now doing up a boat to sail the world. I also started collecting my pension early (with a fairly large reduction for taking early). It could have happened sooner but three kids altered the calculus 🤣. It CAN be done with this strategy!! Great video.

  20. If you had put that same amount into Bitcoin/Eth, over that same amount of time you would probably have over 100 million.. Not only would you never have to work ever again, but neither would your children, and their children…
    Let that be a lesson to people who cling to the old ways, the world is changing, adapt of be forgotten…

  21. Quality Content, videos like this and insight from an expert really goes a long way.

  22. Just think how much you would ha e if you’d invested in Bitcoin 😂

  23. This is utterly meaningless without expressing the dividend income as a % of the capital invested. If I invested shed loads of cash in stocks, I’d expect decent cash sums back. This is Finance for Numpties

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