Watch Rocket Lab launch a satellite for DARPA in 2023

laatste update: 06-2023

Rocket Lab will be launching their Electron rocket with the Radio Frequency Risk Reduction Deployment Demonstration (R3D2) mission for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). It will test a prototype reflective array antenna which is intended to improve radio communications in small spacecraft. The mission will launch from LC-1 on the Mahia Peninsula in New Zealand.

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  1. I'm sorry if this has already been covered, but why is Rocket Lab using the batteries? I thought that it was for ignition, but that isn't the case. Is it to run the pumps? If so, what do other rocket engines use?

  2. Can we please jettison the announcer and get someone more professional ? I've never heard a launch call like this one before. "Nice" "Nice" What kind of a call is that ?

  3. If you believe in an omnipotent being, bless our ANZAC brothers and sisters. If only Westminster could do this rather than shackle a nation to a life of strife. Peace out from a highly experienced hazmat chemist.

  4. Hey man, Kiwi's sound nothing like Aussies. that's like saying a Texan sounds like a New Yorker.
    Fer Fecks Saek Broo'!

  5. Hasn't anyone told you? You can't be racist against white people.

  6. Interesting that DARPA would launch from another country, they are usually very hush-hush. I know NZ is 5 eyes and trustworthy to launch from, but its on the other side of the world lol

    Figured a ride share from a bigger launch would be easier

  7. Great video from our homeland NZ. Please Tim, can your balance you audio with the NZ audio is quiet different. Means when i play it late at night i need to ride the audio levels to stop it waking the whole family. Again, love your work.

  8. Would like to know the environmental impact on batt. hot swap.

  9. Do you think the Electron does a lot of continuous course correcting compared to that of the Falcon 9? Wondering if it is just the placement of the cameras that make it appear to be moving about so much?

  10. Finally! A launch site and rocket company closer to Australia 🇦🇺

  11. Mercury Redstone intro is the greatest ! See you at Falcon Heavy 2019

  12. После отключения двигателя ракета стала падать! И якобы через 40 минут должен включиться другой двигатель, но нам это видеть не нужно! Смешное фейковое видео!

  13. Space elevators are overrated and their feasibility overestimated. Orbital rings are where it's at!

    And space elevators, on Earth at least, are impossible with current materials science, while orbital rings are not.

  14. At 40m1s what can we see in the background? It looks alot like images of a star but then we see the sun move in from the left and earth on the right… is that the moon?

  15. can you telll us the link to the fh model plz
    I want to buy it. plz

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