30 gedachten over “Vitalik Buterin: What Will ETH Be Like in 10 Years? in 2023”

  1. If I don’t understand how ETh work, I don’t put my money in it

  2. I have no clue what he is talking about … at first I thought he would give a $ amount but instead he said something about snark

  3. This dude straight up looks like beavis or that dog from ren and stimpy show

  4. so people will use phone farms for mining? doesn't also give centralized power to phone/telecommunications network provider?

  5. He's a sham coiner. If you know anything about Shiba inu you know vitalik wrote the code and supplied the Eth to start it.

    You saw the photos uploaded to Ryoshi's medium account by Ryoshi himself.

    You at the least saw the coin bureau shib videos in July 2021 😉


    When eth 2 unlocks its going to the floor. I hope it doesn't recover.

  6. I looked more healthy than him when I was about 6 years deep into an 8yr long heroine abuse cycle of my life. I've never had eyes like his. Skin so pale.

  7. eth is slow / expensive / not scalable your project loses in front of other better technologies like cosmos

  8. The question was, what do you like to do for fun on the weekend?😐

  9. ETH full node was unusable on my 3 raid 0 SSD and 8 cores. It is garbage.

  10. What does this even mean?

    I’ve put big bags into ethereum and I’m long term bullish but I don’t understand any jargon

  11. So does the old hash data get cued for overwrite (deleted) on the HD or does it just pile up?

  12. you can't get people to do they jobs right, do tou think they'll spend time doing that?

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