Tucker Carlson: The FBI was so afraid of the ‘disruption’ under someone like Trump #shorts

laatste update: 01-2023

Tucker Carlson joins ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ to postulate why the FBI would cover for the Biden family. #foxnews

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30 gedachten over “Tucker Carlson: The FBI was so afraid of the ‘disruption’ under someone like Trump #shorts”

  1. I have thought the same thing @ his wife! Jill just looks @ him like get away from me I'M TIRED OF YOU & YOUR WEAKNESS- OF LOOKING AFTER YOU!

  2. Now you starting to wake up, no one voted for this criminal .

  3. If it walks like a duck etc It is a duck! Family of ‘em! So far so good as they see it! Time to cry fowl!

  4. Funny how real Americans love Biden.. conservatives are scummy


    Flash news! Hunter is a SISSY!!

  6. Biden family is corrupt as the day is long but just sharing a bank account isn’t illegal or strange it’s what goes into and from that said account that matters
    I’m 70 and share an account with my 34 year old daughter just in case I ask here to pickup something for me when I don’t feel well or have the time
    Like I said, the Biden family is corrupt from the floor up

  7. Meidas Touch And Texas Paul love Joe Biden. But they are lunatics so be careful. Lol

  8. We do ! He had to clean the mess up from the other ministration ! Gave him a crazy pandemic give everybody will these checks Donald Trump how much did Donald Trump spend and Republicans playing for his lawyer fees😅Biden just working on getting everything done🎉. Republicans do nothing I’d be embarrassed to be a republican

  9. Nobody likes Joe Biden imo. Charge him for taxes, communism and covering for his Son’s crimes

  10. "I didn't believe for a second" Carlson in court under oath in the dominion case.

  11. It is owed to tax payers for corruption in government to be punished.

  12. Didn't Tucker used to be friends with Hunter Biden? 🤔

  13. A crooked, control fanatic father! So proud my father encouraged strength and independent thinking.

  14. Trump is only loved by his kids because they are in his will. I bet if he cut them out they would turn on him in an instant.

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