Trump’s Nuanced Take on Ukraine

laatste update: 05-2023

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  1. he’s a very good president, from a political stand point he is the best candidate for our country to keep us actually safe and carry out the peace between everybody.

  2. God forbid she should have acknowledged any of the points he made. CNN really showed their hand with this charade of a town hall. What a disgrace.

  3. There’s no nuance when it comes to the Ukraine ‘war’. It’s a pre-meditated war designed to rob taxpayers all over the world in order to fill the coffers of the UN, NATO etc for their own diabolical purposes.

  4. President Trump is too smart to play her game. War isn't a football game. Peace through strength was the doctrine until Biden came into office. Trump purged the neocons & chicken hawks from the republican party. Looks like those same people joined the Dems. United States has no business interfering with Ukraine. The ones that want war are the same ones making $ from it

  5. She needs to marry an abusive alcoholic and constantly burn his dinner!😈

  6. And yet nobody hears the answers trumps as saying because they don't like trump. So to them it's kind of like a trumpet talking from charlie brown show.

  7. Lol, no. Both Trump and Michael are 100% wrong on this issue. There is no "winding this down" without one of the sides paying a big price. For Ukraine, that means sacrificing all territorial integrity and removing all weapons. Otherwise there would no point for Russia to invade in the first place. It's not about "who wins." It's about wether Ukraine survives or not. There is only one right answer, and it's that Ukraine should decisively beat back Russia. The only reason Trump is playing the "moderate" route is because that benefits Russia, and Trump is a Putin stooge. If you "just stop," then Russia faces no real consequences for their invasion. Then they will invade again.

    It's weird how "conservatives" don't understand conservative principles. I put the first conservative in quotes because Trump is not a real conservative. Not at all. I get that Michael has to defend Trump no matter what, but this is ridiculously pathetic and moronic. Trump's position on foreign policy is the exact same as the left's regarding police. "Just stop defending yourself and bad things will stop. I think." Any sane person realizes he's just saying that so Ukraine stops and Russia has an opening to go for the kill.

  8. I said this assign as it came out. Your one step behind MK but thanks for being the first to say it in media : )

  9. (From what i know) The russians who are fighting don’t even want this war. He’s absolutely right

  10. Que no Nada. trump jr #4T #trump 2012-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017-2018-20192020–2024 twitter facebook tiktok youtube mx reddit Obama vs. trump. vs. Biden el mundo. tierra ¿knd:? final los chicos del barrio. ovni akira

  11. How Trump flip-floped when rubles went in.
    In the start of the war he was saying " This is the genocide of ukranian people" and now he is arguing that he will force Ukraine to give territories to Russia and in this way he will stop the war. Pathetic.

  12. Too many people gave died! America needs to step out. Stop using the people and country of Ukraine as a killing ground!

  13. THIS! This is the rightful POTUS. Focused on life and people. Not which team to favor for what strategy is coming down the road next. To think, the media, justice system and career politicians shoulder Trump hard in attempts of keeping him out.
    Bless this man. 🇺🇲 The rightful President. Here's to 2024.

  14. But, Trump is buddies with Putin. And, he has disparaged Zelenskyy in numerous interviews. Trump will say whatever he thinks an audience wants to hear at any interview.

  15. God Bless Pres Trump!!!! He says what the Average Based American thinks!!!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏

  16. Remember the Abrams Accord. Trump is not a passivist but wants peace, not forever wars. Trump had a deal in Afghanistan, and Biden went with chaos!

  17. The woman asking the questions should be demoted to janitor!

  18. Donald trump he's nailed it right on the head but for some reason the liberal party's just want this wall to carry on that's why they fundamentally think it's totally crazy.

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