Trump hawks superhero NFT trading cards as crypto universe implodes

laatste update: 10-2023

Donald Trump teased a “major announcement” just weeks after declaring a third presidential run, leading political-watchers to speculate about big campaign moves. Instead, he’s hawking digital trading cards with depictions such as his head atop cartoon super-hero figures in an NFT market that’s already sagging.

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  1. Qxxx Postx @/1201: TRUMP card coming (posted on 04/20/2018 at @)

    Delta to the post announcing availability of NFTs on 12/15/2022 = 1700 DAYS 0 HOURS 0 MINUTES

    {q = 17th letter of alphabet}


  2. its a money-laundering scam – Trump Corp is in a great deal of financial trouble, and he has $485 million in loans due by the end of this month. An inside trader is buying them up with digital currency just like Melania did with her own NFT's – its called Crypto-Wash trading, which is illegal. This is a money for nothing scam to try to fool his creditors and to hide money from the Courts. (and untraceable payments for all those missing classified papers)

  3. Whens the best time to invest, at the peak of the market? Buy high sell low?

  4. I don't like Trump. but let's think. as an investment if they are down in price. then it's a good investment. you sound dumb

  5. Everybody laughing maybe cus the NFT pics are comical but I don't see anything wrong with this. The message I see here is to also get more people into crypto especially in the bear 🐻 market and they will be happy they did for the next bull run and to understand that Bitcoin is better than the CBDC that's coming. Plus it's better than taking contributions from special interest groups.

  6. After the court cases proved there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud, conceding,& then relaxing a bit would have been a much better choice for him.

  7. 🤣 1st thing I think of when they show the astronaut is Biden cuz of the aviator shades. Fail for Trump….. again

  8. He neglected to tell his clueless base that all of the money goes into his bank account.
    I'm sure that his base is good with Trump ripping them off.

  9. What a conman, grifting his supporters for $99.
    NONE of which is for his “campaign”, just for his bleeding pocket.
    Worst. President. Ever.
    Good news is, soon he will be indicted.

  10. Sold out in 24 hours, raised over $5M..
    I would say it was successful.

  11. I wouldn't take it for free…I'd wind up flushing after using it.

  12. If this in any offends you. 😂 Just my guess but you may be the problem.

  13. 😂😂😂 he still trying to steal folks money as he goes down the garbage heap He's Pathetic !!!

  14. Did you tell the part that they were all sold out within 24 hours.

  15. I don’t believe in LUCK, but I sure believe in STUPID because you prove it every F**IN’ day !!!

  16. I now know that bloomberg is fake news if she dare to suggest trump nft card to be anything but garbage.

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