Trump brags to Bret Baier about granting Alice Johnson clemency… Bret catches him off guard!

laatste update: 12-2023

During his worst Fox News interview with Bret Baier, Donald Trump brags about granting Alice Johnson clemency for her drug conviction.

Baier tells him that she would be killed under his policy proposal of executing drug dealers, Trump is caught off guard!

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30 gedachten over “Trump brags to Bret Baier about granting Alice Johnson clemency… Bret catches him off guard!”

  1. Stumpy don't know his head from a rotten egg! This guy is a complete idiotic retarded traitor.

  2. Trump is great. You can put your laughs in all you want because you can't look and appreciate the whole person. America loves Trump!!!

  3. Trump has officially been arrested more times than hes been elected. Hey Don, thanks for making the punishment for classified document offenses harsher. Hillary is laughing her a$$ off.

  4. Surprised by Fox News asking a legitimate question!! And a follow up!

  5. Trump is for Trump and I will add that money doesn't buy class or knowledge he skirted himself since a child so he relays on others

  6. “Mostly marijuana.” Seems cocaine. So, if it’s mostly pot, he’s okay with it. His expression when he’s told she’d be killed under his plan. “Oh no! He’s seen through my bs!

  7. He does have a low, intelligent vote That covers all the red states

  8. Ugly man seem to get uglier every day. That’s what happens when you lie.

  9. That's just Biden in a Chump suit, senile and to dumb to think out his own thoughts

  10. This is a guy that instructed security to shoot the crowd of protestors

  11. He forced on Himself 24/7 – 365.. He loves the power to Intimidate all the people he can. Only for his GAIN. He's a very delusional person that really needs HELP.
    maybe prison will offer some

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