Top Secret Reason Cardano Delisted (NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THIS)

laatste update: 06-2023

The secret reason why Cardano was delisted.


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30 gedachten over “Top Secret Reason Cardano Delisted (NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THIS)”

  1. ETH and BTC are the chosen coins by the SEC/elites, pretty much only safe coins buying at this point.

  2. I always thought that ADA would be next after the XRP case is done.

  3. Good thing HEX can’t be shut down or labeled a security.


  5. I know exactly what’s happening, it’s only my opinion 😂😂😂

  6. These jealous and evil people at the top of the ladder will stop at nothing to destroy the average man !! Eventually their greed will catch up with them !!!
    The one treasure they cannot take away from you when you find it is Jesus …and one day if you want it is a beautiful home laid up in heaven for those who truly love God !!!

  7. Yes because Cardano will be the threat….finally we are winning👍

  8. That’s why we need to elect some people to regulate it if possible so we can keep the government out. They will I feel like destroy everything

  9. It means you should hold your existing ADA, acquire additional ADA on swing downs, Cardano is one of the most visible DC given Charles Hoskinson spoke with congress recently

  10. I thought they can't touch it, cause it was developed in Japan?

  11. Imma keep stacking BTC/ADA. Please delegate to ticker: XPPX (Prophet Cardano Stake Pool). 👍

  12. Etorro is trash. So was all the other exchanges youtubes pushed. I used CB and never lost a dollar. If you buy on anything these people talk about you deserve to lose your money.
    ADA follows regulations. Unlike many exchanges that even you pushed. Why are you putting videos out for anything other than views.

  13. That's what makes cardano function, how it was designed. That'll be a big fight because charles hoskinson has stated since day one, if your looking for a get rich scheme ada isn't it

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