Top 5 Crypto Coins Set to Explode in 2024! “THIS One Is Like Buying Solana Under $1 & XRP Under 1¢!”

laatste update: 11-2023

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  1. I told you about Kaspa in the comments in January you ignore it

  2. I bought the dip yesterday. Was not scared at when we dipped down. Now where up to 37k I'm but made I don't have more money to invest lol

  3. You don't respond in comments, is there another way to ask you a question?

  4. Can I ask who you trade with> I'm on Robinhood and I can not trade most of the ones on Robinhood. If I did not have my Bitcoin and ETH on Robinhood I would go somewhere else. But for other ones, I could go and buy some there. Thanks for your help and have a nice safe day!

  5. its great to see your comment section normal.. not all this god damn scam bots xD toughts on avax? a lot of games being built on it

  6. Thanks for this nice video. I believe It's better to accumulate something besides top tier tokens.
    As a long-term investor, I prefer low cap, but high potential tokens like $CRU, for example. Now is time to buy now, to sell in 2025 with high XXX.

  7. Why buy shitcoins in hopes they survive? Go for some thing that is established and won’t shit the bed.

  8. I had solana.. about 5k worth and lost like $200 on it and sold like a dumb***… I don’t want to write what I had it for cause it makes me sick.. however I did buy RUNE at .20 cents and sold near the top.. thankfully I bought it and forgot about it till it pumped like crazy last bullrun.. thinking about buying some icerivers and mining kaspa tho.. did the math and if you have the 8k for the KS3 and start mining now you would make your money back on the asic by February give or take depending on ur electric.l and that’s if it stays the same price. what do you think about mining kaspa? Too risky?

  9. How do I buy KASPA in the US!!! I’ve been trying with no luck! Thank you 6:46

  10. Amazing content,please could you make a review on $CRU,I would love to know your thought & opinion about them. Thanks

  11. Hey, this is my first bull market that I’ll experience. Could you make a video or comment on some tips regarding taxes once you sell. Do you pay after you sell or at the end of the year, etc? Also, maybe some advice on capital gains tax? Since I’m new and the bull market starting soon if I hold less than a year I pay more right? Thanks and love your videos!

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