Tips and Tricks for Trading the DAX Index

laatste update: 12-2022

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Tips for Trading the DAX 30 Index by Steve Ruffley. Trading the DAX
DAX 30 Introduction – why is it referred to as the Germany 30 with most CFD and spread betting providers? What is it made up of?
How popular is it with traders? Factors affecting the DAX. What can you tell us about the DAX – does it have any peculiarities? Does it tend to follow other markets? Characteristics of the DAX 30. Mention some popular strategies for trading the Germany 30 Mention some trading tips for trading the Dax? Tell us about the interplay and correlation between the the DAX and the FTSE 100. Any pitfalls to avoid?

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  2. "keep being right and stop doing things that are wrong" now this is a game changing strategy that I was missing, thanks a lot mate

  3. Anyone that doesnt like listening to this guy is probably trading 0.01 lots and blowing up their $200 accounts

  4. Best advice so far he is telling the truth that's why the comments are negative people don't want to hear the truth.

  5. Fun fact about trading indices….I have no problems making great profits in the DAX40, Nasdaq and DowJones, but somehow I find it much more difficult to be profitable by trading the FTSE or the SP500…I guess every index just has its own characteristics….

  6. Fibonacci, Bollinger bands 😂, all those tools that don’t work. He would not tell you what strategy he uses. I don’t.

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