TimtheTatman has Cronus ZEN pop up on stream – BBB Gaming News

laatste update: 01-2023

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TimtheTatman has Cronus ZEN pop up on stream – BBB Gaming News

Please take all our videos as comedy first, with a touch of news. Enjoy.

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Please take all our videos as comedy first, with a touch of news. Enjoy.
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30 gedachten over “TimtheTatman has Cronus ZEN pop up on stream – BBB Gaming News”

  1. he does use it i been plaing the franchise since it started i know zen recoil control when i see it

  2. Lmao what ? That was the stupidest editing I have ever seen That's not actually a pop up that is just a split clip added in img LMFAO

  3. There is a problem but Tim’s saying anyone could be using it you’ll never know

  4. LMAO! Tim cheating is a great joke. Watch that man for one game and you will understand.

  5. Hahaha this is great making fun of cheaters while going apeshit

  6. Guy has his shit way to twisted obviously whipz messing around but good job trying to make something out of nothing lol

  7. Tim definitely ain’t hacking. More than likely Wipz pulled this up for a split second to F with Tim.

    And on the bottom right… it says “device not connected.”


  8. “Using this for clickbait isn’t funny” as his entire video is clickbait🤣🤣🤣

  9. That literally haves to be false. It's impossible to pop up any website or window by shaking the mouse.

    That's obviously trolling.

  10. He does more than just zen- I’ve been saying it for well over a year now. Along with zlander and drdisrespect

  11. To be honest, Tim's thick as pig s#$t. He wouldn't have a clue how to run the device in the first place! 🤣🤣

  12. Anyone who knows how computers work in the slightest knows that Tim would have lost control of the game the second the software popped up. This is obviously just an editing troll on the entire software. He prob don’t even have the software on his pc

    Also I like how he talks about clickbaiting but the thumbnail on his own video is clickbait

  13. Tim plays mouse and keyboard…. If you literally just watch Tim, you k ow he isn’t hacking. Also- EVERY SINGLE COD, literally ALL OF THEM, the reveal/release and CDL stuff where they invite players, they ALL have had to use Cronus for compatibility with the PCs they use to accommodate input methods for all players. Like Cronus sponsored COD/Activision events since 2007.

  14. I dont know why ppl think..cronus zen can do aimbot or wallhack etc…where they show videos like Cronus can do aimbot etc..thats fully fake!!cronus cant do anything like that.
    They use a proper aimbot in the videos.

  15. Tim isn’t trolling his community lol. It’s trolling you to make videos… to bring him attention… which it does. He wins. 😂

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