THIS IS HUGE!! | NFT Market Update | Epic Games NFTs & Meebits

laatste update: 08-2022

In this video we will talk about some of the most Important News & Trends in the NFT space right now. We will cover some major NFT news, showcase some NFT collections releasing this week and I will also show you the strategies I’m using right now.

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News Articles Mentioned in the Video:
Epic Games Not to Ban NFTs:
VeeFriends $50 Million Raise:
Meebits Utilities:
Unstoppable Domains $1 Billion Valuation:
Jo NFT Collection:
City of Miami NFTs:
Metamask Update:
Tiffany & Co NFTs:
Care Bear NFTs:
ApeCoin DAO funds Bored Ape News site:
FTC Sues Meta:

0:00 – 1:09 Intro
1:10 – 4:58 Weekly NFT News
4:59 – 6:08 Top NFT sales in the past week
6:09 – 8:58 Federal Trade Commission Sues Meta
8:59 – 13:46 NFT Market Data & Analytics
13:47 – 18:49 NFT Trends (Meebits, Potatoz, & state of market)
18:50 – 19:41 Final Thoughts

Financial Disclaimer:
This is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. This channel is for entertainment and expressing my opinions. Please do your own research and make your own decisions.

23 gedachten over “THIS IS HUGE!! | NFT Market Update | Epic Games NFTs & Meebits”

  1. Hey NFTVerse, glad to see you again was worried for a bit that the market updates were gonna stop lol. Glad your doing alright and that you went on a well deserved vacation and im glad your doing better with covid 🙂 Ive been watching your channel since the start of 2022 and for that brief moment of time when i thought you had quit i was lost but now that your back i realize that i rely on you so much and that you've helped me so much and i just want to thank you on behalf of me, and everyone else you've helped. Keep the videos up king 🙂

  2. I would love to get into the NFT market but it's expensive with the gas price alone, something could cost $18 but the gas could be over $400

  3. I will forever be indebted to you 😇you’ve changed my whole life I’ll continue to preach about your name for the world to hear you’ve saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment thanks so much Mrs Stella Allen.

  4. Hope you feel better soon. Goblintown had a big update this week with the release of Grumpls. You need to try to catch them using the McGoblinburgers that were free to holders. Lots of game theory around how to catch a rare one. Hope you look in to it. Also Rumble Kong League announced this week RKL Rookies collection that will be a free claim for all rumble kong holders. RKL game is like Zed Run but 3×3 basketball. Huge NBA investors involved etc. Hope u cover them one day. They've been building for a year and game will release late 2022. Cheers for your great work

  5. Even with the economic Inflation😩 I'm very excited to have earned $10,250 on my $4,000 investment every 13 days 😊

  6. Mrs Anna is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  7. Elite corporate friendly. Elite corporate approved. Talks the lingo to start. Thats why this guy has a platform

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