The Week in Chia News – Chia Wallet NFT, ETH + Bitcoin Censorship, Mining Profits, Canadians

laatste update: 02-2023

This week in #Chia had a lot of amazing news for the Chia Team as they launched their Carbon Fund and Product Roadmap! #Crypto, however, is in a bad spot as the #ethereum merge is bringing an easy onramp for censorship, and #bitcoin mining operation Marathon goes full compliance with censored transactions. I go over the exact state of current tech in mobile wallets for Chia. We also chat profits, and Canadian 🍁 πŸŒ±πŸšœβ€™s (there are a lot of Canadian Chia Farmers, πŸ’š ya’ll!)

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Chia Earnings Sheet

Enterprise Chia Farm DIY πŸŒ±πŸ§‘β€πŸŒΎ
1x Server 25U Half Rack
1X R720 W 2X2680/256gb RAM – check for lff trays
1x pair R720 rails
3x 24 bay drive shelves DS4243 w/sleds
3x 24 bay DS4243 if above sold out
3x APC rails – works for netapps
1x APC 1500RM2U UPS – for disk shelves
8x Dell caddies
1x 9200 8e HBA
1x QSFP to 8088

NetApp DS4243 w/ caddies (US)
NetApp DS4243 w/ caddies (UK)

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Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Do your own research to make informed decisions about how you mine, farm, invest in and/or trade cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

0:00 Chia News
6:15 Chia Climate Warehouse
7:25 Project Board
8:40 Marathon Bitcoin Censorship
9:22 Ethereum Merge will lead to censorship
16:15 Canadian Chia Farmers
17:50 Bitcoin Mining Profits Comparted

8 gedachten over “The Week in Chia News – Chia Wallet NFT, ETH + Bitcoin Censorship, Mining Profits, Canadians”

  1. Great stuff. MAN it would be crazy if ETH was shut down. People would think it was the end of crypto

  2. Two quality quotes:
    1. Re: Ethereum – "The engineering has taken a backset to ethics"
    2. "Chia Never Go Away". πŸ’―

  3. It is not a coincidence everything that is happening globally.

    ETH I have been agreeing is a dead whale floating. Yet, again this is people, governments, educational facilities and projects blindly believing and pushing it forward.
    Not until celebrity endorsements and beliefs change will you begin to see any switch to another chain.
    Governments want stronger digital currency. They want to control it though. Their control of money is the control of you and I. In Australia it seems the governments public servants in IT departments and Universities are hell bent on the ETH network.

    Is it because it's just too easy for them to adopt. Is there a force pushing it? I cannot work it out.

    More importantly though. Is how is Chia going to break through. They keep doing what they do. Producing the best tech. Yes!

    They need influencers to work the crowds and they need lots of them. Those influencers need multiple positive Chia angles to be pushing. But then they all need the one big common and joint angle to push. And that is something that needs to resonate with everyone on the planet. Something which the governing political bodies and big brand entities cannot go against.

    That being the freedom and equality of every individual on the planet.

    That core message, so long as the people of the planet want their freedom and equality. Cannot be beaten by any controlling power.

    A voting platform for all humanity via blockchain technology is what is ultimately needed. Majority rules.

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