The UGLY TRUTH about Bitcoin (Cardano, ETHEREUM, DogeCoin and more)

The ugly truth about cryptocurrency, bitcoin, cardano ada, ethereum, dogecoin and more is… you are early to the dance and you will need to explain it to friends and family for years to come. They wont understand and they will judge you, but long term – you will win.

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  1. I’m holding 3,400xrp, 1500xlm, 0.06btc and I started researching 3 months ago into crypto, I’ve invested £5k and hodling to sell high in this bull run or just holding for next cycle

  2. Tried to explain it to some people and it's like talking with the wall. Also people scared of dumps and can't control their emotions. 99.9% don't know basics about investing trading and charts. Basically it's like speaking language they don't understand, pointless and you could be responsible for their losses if they decide to invest.

  3. I am an rookie like you. Invest in late april this year. The possibility in crypto is just insane. My family could not believe you can earn 10 percent interedt on stable coin. I will be investing in it long term. Possibly learning the code behind the blockchain.

  4. This video should be called welcome the future, no-coiners: brought to you by cryptocurrencies.. …..

    Sad I just wasted time watching this…. 😂

    Hodl on newbies and welcome! Imagine I you invested in Facebook?!?! Here's your chance to be an OG to the next major tech development

  5. 1st year for me , Rookie 🤚🏽
    I made my first investments in January of this year , purchasing $250 of Bitcoin and $750 of ETH. I am 19 years old and I’ve just sold my mustang for 5.5k, I am going to to invest $4500 mainly into these coins (ETH,ADA,MATIC, DOT) and then split $1000 across some low caps 🧢
    Time to hodl💎🤝

  6. Relatively new, mostly in the ones whose foundations make the most sense to me (ADA, XLM, VET) along with a bit in the big names (BTC, ETH). Generally trying to stick to those I understand and have a good understanding of what their IRL "function" is.

  7. BTC is dead and sadly for now all the other cryptos who have future potential are going down with its death throes, so investors have to be watching the markets carefully to make sure they don't lose all, but in the long run, these other cryptos will rebound, after BTCs death, and after investors become convinced that the markets should not and will not follow BTC to the grave. The best years for investing in crypto 2010-13, 2015-2017, March 2020-April 2021, Future? sometime next year when the havoc is over!

  8. Yes you are correct ugly truth is in on initials state bitcoin ada and polkadot this three is my bullish crypto for the long run is my excect choice and it will growing up and up and some pepole dump but its perform better and better returns

  9. Ada assumption of best results , also i am not financial advicer but for sentiments and signals is going like .

    2021 -9$
    2022 – 28$
    2025 -73$
    2030 – 159$

  10. I started end of march with only £250 I have now got £500 in been buying the dips plan on keep buy the dips I have bitcoin, Ethereum , Ada, chainlink and xrp

  11. The ugly truth about cryptocurrency is that, despite what YouTube personalities say, it is far from a sure thing. If you invest what you can’t afford to lose, you have a good chance of going broke. Only invest your “extra” money that you can afford to lose.

  12. Agree it will get there but problably the bubble must burst and 80% of the 800 or so tokens out there will have to get wiped out. We are still in the wild west phase.

  13. The UGLY TRUTH, I think, is that none of the big names in crypto are gonna survive in 5 years. I could be wrong, but I think Ethereum might be one of those platforms.

    Hashgraph is the clear winner here.

    1) aBFT security
    2) Orders of magnitude faster than everything else
    3) Makes smart contracts obsolete
    4) Also the cheapest of em all, given that it’s transactions are a fixed costs denominated in dollars (unlike XRP which will have an ever-increasing cost structure).

    They also have the best governance by far and are about the only ones that the SEC isn’t concerned about in terms of legality.

    And they have all the best deals happening for them right now. This coin is the most undervalued asset in the world right now IMO.

  14. Great video! You got yourself a new subscriber.

    I'm new to crypto. I have a very boring and conservative general investment strategy which is in ETFs.

    I was thinking of putting 5% of my portfolio into crypto but I'm thinking of upping it to 10-20%.

    I'm holding Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and my moon shot is Oasis Networks $ROSE

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