The SMARTEST Indicator On TradingView !

laatste update: 03-2023

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30 gedachten over “The SMARTEST Indicator On TradingView !”

  1. Best indicator is called RSI algo with setting of period 30

  2. At the start of the trade put stop loss at last swing low or high

  3. But the problem is it can't show till which level it will go up or till which level it will go down. Totally depends on your luck.

  4. I hate it when they provide an indicator with a strategy but don't provide the time frames that work with the strategy.

  5. Just learn to master tape reading. Any indicator is a delayed expression of true tape reading. Tape reading shows market movement before any indicator can react. Using tape reading I was able to turn $100 into over $175,000 in 5 days, without any fancy indicators. The masters of the early 1900's knew more than many today and they made millions using tape reading without indicators. Put the time in to learn the basic and you will hold onto your profits.

  6. What’s cool is that I have used this for a bit and it is already at 78 percent accuracy

  7. weird I just developed my own strategy that uses this indicator and the parabolic sar/macd/200ema.

    If my parabolic sar/macd/200ema says buy I put in 10% then if this indicator says buy I put another 10% in.

    I have a win ratio of 70-80% most days with very high profits medium loses.
    Still paper testing though.

  8. How does pinescript learn from the past? The ai claim seems highly sus 😂

  9. Not really that accurate , by the time you get a buy/sell signal , you're already half way up/down the pump/dump , leaving you with about a 2% profit which will just about cover your trading fees if that

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