The REAL Reason Why Katheryn Winnick Left Vikings |⭐ OSSA

laatste update: 08-2022

Why did Katheryn Winnick, who played Lagertha on Vikings, have to leave the show? The History channel introduced us to the Vikings cast and Lagertha Lothbrok – the badass shieldmaiden.

Then, in Vikings season 6, we saw Lagertha’s death and later Lagertha’s funeral, making the Vikings final season one of the most emotional yet. But that doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to the Vikings actors or the lady who played Lagertha.

In fact, there’s a lot about Katheryn Winnick that people don’t know. Not only is Katheryn Winnick black belt and Katheryn Winnick martial artist, but there are a few Katheryn Winnick movies to look forward to, including Wander, Minuteman and Flag King.

In addition, she has tried her hand as producing for Netflix Wu Assassins! Not only that, but Katheryn Winnick Taekwondo is taking back seat for her upcoming role in The Big Sky alongside Ryan Phillipe!

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29 gedachten over “The REAL Reason Why Katheryn Winnick Left Vikings |⭐ OSSA”

  1. I've never watched 'Viking' so whenever I see her on screen all I can see is her answering the phone and saying, "speak!"

  2. ,,,Thanks for the news…..Liked her when I first enjoyed her in vikings…Who is that hottie…….She will become a superstar,,,,She earned it…………………..

  3. One of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I am content just looking at her from afar. But if she ever granted me the privilege of placing a kiss on her cheek,, I can assure you that the whole of my soul will go with it.

  4. "martial artist" and wasn't very clear on it. Only when I saw pictures of her doing applications it was the SPORT version of Taekwondo because the way her legs were bent to "deliver" a high kick can easily be destabilized. We don't see her doing any karate and a blackbelt doesn't really mean expert. It just means you've done the basics and can start actually learning to put it all together. Then there's the quip about her being a licensed bodyguard. At the age she claimed to have opened 3 taekwondo schools (21) she was very scrawny and had very little muscle definition. I don't know how she managed to get past security training and no mention of her being trained in firearms.

  5. This beauty is an absolute phenomenon, I expect to see her in many productions, she is sooo beautiful, I think the most beautiful actress out there, and equally talented and very bright!!

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