The Real Reason Joe Bastianich Left MasterChef

laatste update: 05-2022

If you have been a fan of Fox’s MasterChef since its inception, you will be familiar with Joe Bastianich. He was a judge on the popular reality cooking show for its first five seasons and helped make the show a success.

However, we all know now that the celebrity chef is no longer part of the show. Besides being a television personality, Bastianich is also a renowned restauranteur who owns restaurants in four countries.

Being a global restauranteur doesn’t give you much time for TV, but is that the reason why Joe Bastianich left MasterChef? A 2014 Facebook post gives the answer to that question.

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30 gedachten over “The Real Reason Joe Bastianich Left MasterChef”

  1. I'm surprised he's still alive the way he acts I'm surprised no one has tried to beat him up to the point of death

  2. Joe Bastianich is a nobody…. a 4th rate cook at best…. but a 'Chef' ?….. If he tries to call himself one he should be sued and imprisoned for fraud.

  3. dude has too much ego to be loved. it's not even a good kind of ego either. it's one of the most hated kinds of ego.

  4. Because he sucked. That's why. Because no one liked him. That's Why. Because he's a wannabe discount Gordon. That's why.

  5. He claims that he stepped down, but it's so obvious that Gordon was just tired of his bull shit and decided to remove him from the show.

  6. The thing is, Gordon Ramsay is a dick at times but there's ALWAYS a reason for it, where Joe, he's a dick just because he can be a dick, look what happened to the kid in the final of his last Master Chef Jr.!

  7. Thank god this SOB out of this show. Gordon Ramsey is cruel but not like Joe. This SOB shouldn’t be in the show that shows world wide

  8. From the few videos I've seen of him, he acts like an absolute dick, things could be out of context for me but I don't know

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