The Psychology of “Don’t Look Up” in 2022

laatste update: 09-2022

It is not often that we get a film that shows us the general behaviour of people in our moderns society like the film “Don’t Look Up” is able to do. It shows that at the brink of disaster we might not be able to listen to our so beloved Reason.
In this video we will explore the feeling of powerlessness as experienced by the scientists and the reason why people do not listen to these scientists i.e. to Reason, in the first place.
The aim of the video is not to say something about the obvious plot of the film, that is, climate change, American politics, etc. But solely on the psychological significance of the film.

—–Contents of this video ———————————————————————————

0:00 – Intro
2:21 – Part I: The Kafkaesque of our world
5:18 – Part II: The Era of Misinformation
9:10 – Part III: “We will protect you!”
12:53 – Will we survive?


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5 gedachten over “The Psychology of “Don’t Look Up” in 2022”

  1. I think one of the main problems with science is how we communicate and associate it with the concept of Truth, in the process making it an equal to the religious Truth, which is not.

    The scientific process is about research and understanding to our best of our abilities, acknowledging our ignorance and viewing the research not as the search of the ultimate truth but a better understanding, in contrast to religious dogmas which believe in a supreme unfallable intelligence that does not do wrong, not letting in the process people acknowledge their ignorance.

    And I believe due to the association of science with truth it has lead to many people, like flat earthers or religions, to antagonize it because they believe they are against another equal opposite Truth, not a research process which is what it is about. (and honestly main stream science communicators arent doing a good job at really saying what science is and is about, although the concepts of science they do explain very well)

    In my opinion I think as humans we should start acknowledging ourselves as animals, after all we are first animals and then individuals, and by acknowledging our constraints and limitations, in mind and body, we can then expand our abilities and power.

  2. Crazy how this channel still hasn't blown up yet with it's production quality

  3. Hey nice vid! I also made a analysis on the movie but just on Randall Mindy, maybe i can change your opinion😃
    (Mede nederlander😌)

  4. Just watched the movie and I have to admit that I am truly in shock, a serieus must watch just like that other movie Idiocracy 2006.

  5. Ice is falling from the sky because the firmament is a ball of glass and the layer of ice on its under side is falling off. I'm not sure if this encapsulates the message of this video?

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