The Most “Apple” Repair Program Ever… in 2022

laatste update: 08-2022

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0:00 you signed up for this
0:10 Apple Self Service Repair
1:34 Twitch Partner Program changes
2:53 Sega delists Sonic Origins games
3:56 Joby Wavo Audio Gear
4:45 Nvidia 900W GPU
5:27 Bethesda Launcher
5:55 VRR on PS5
6:24 Pixel Watch leak again
6:59 MetaDocs

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30 gedachten over “The Most “Apple” Repair Program Ever… in 2022”

  1. Video idea: connect a temperature sensor to your 800W PC, and turn on a CPU and GPU load when temperature falls below a threshold to turn your PC into an actual space heater

  2. People in the comments are complaining about “privacy” with serial numbers? You do know that wherever you buy any Android or Apple phone from scans that serial number at check out? Or you phone service provider has your serial number and IMEI on file?

    And then you’ll go around and use services like Google and Amazon? “Privacy”

    Y’all only like to complain about stuff when it’s Apple but “don’t be evil” Google never does anything wrong 🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. There are magnetic medicines. When I tore a tendon in my elbow they used an anti-inflammatory that gets applied to an electrode patch that forces it through the skin and into the affected tissue. Feels like a fresh rug burn during treatment but works really well as a targeted medicine.

  4. 1:26 No, it is not progress. In fact I'd dare to say it is a step backwards. A really big one since people is buying it as a step forwards. They are stating that this is what "repair" should be, a company with vested interests in people not being able to repair their phones. They want you to think that this is over, before any kind of legislation passes that forces them to do it properly, without any extra bs. And, once the legislative rope around their necks is gone, they can slowly phase out the program. At this point in the game how in all hell anyone is buying it is beyond my puny human brain ability to comprehend. Have we forgotten the "independent repair program"?

  5. huh, gee. can you imagine that, the cryprobros failed to think their telemedicine scheme through fully, and now it's falling apart under its own weight. like, what a total and unexpected surprise.

  6. This isn't actually progress in any real way for Apple in terms of Right to Repair, though. This is just Apple throwing a bone, a very meager bone with only a tiny bit of rotten meat on it, to the Right to Repair crowd to shut them up.

    Or at least have something to show the idiots in government that they do plenty for repairability (even though it isn't) and that regulation definitely isn't necessary.

  7. Creators: we want a 70/30 split for affiliates and 90/10 split for partners
    Twitch: How about we give you a 50/50 split for everyone and we get rid of your contracts and we let you run more ads?

  8. Remove that "hype-crew" in the background, unless you think the content of your videos lag a great amount of quality, which you're trying to make less obvious to your viewers by using random yelling in the background

  9. Just got a pulseway ad with linus as an employee on it, was about to skip thinking "let me skip this so I can see the linus video" and then I saw linus I took a double take lol, watched the whole thing!

  10. If you used 2 secs more on researching your sources, you'll not look retarded when mentioning that IMEI number is required, because it's to remove the ability for thiefs to get access to new spare parts if the device is registered as stolen.

  11. Seems like towers will get bigger to accommodate a seperate second power supply for the GPU.

  12. Not sure why people keep going on about the Magic Mouse having its charging port on the bottom of it. The thing lasts for nearly 3 MONTHS of charge and gives several WEEKS of warning before it runs out of power; charging it isn't an issue. What is an issue is that the ergonomics of it are so bad it will probably make your hands sore, and the useability of the touch surface is absolutely horrible.

  13. Woww… “Ok, but what if we take twitch, and just make it worse for the creators and audiences?”

    “Ok…but who are we gonna make it better for?”

    “The shareholders.” reapeted

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