The Great Pixel War | r/place #1

laatste update: 08-2022

xQc acts as natural chaos in the world of r/place. He infuses entropy into the world, destroying old images so newer creations can take their place.
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30 gedachten over “The Great Pixel War | r/place #1”

  1. Your dont have a brain Turks never give up and win attack is not power defense is power,you cant beat us…

  2. Man so much hate cause he couldn't destroy anything and cause he didn't win he accused everyone without proofs of botting, sad and never had he take responsabilities, bro what a mentality, a liar a manipulator, well I don't wanna hurt anybody but you can realize the problems with him some moments, like the fact that he trashtalk and is as fast as Italy in ww1 to change side 😂

  3. It made me sick to see that just because he had more viewers than anyone he decided to destroy everything…interesting to see that everybody was pissed at him.

  4. had to come back because this was such good content

    turks in the comments 🍆🚴‍♂ LULW

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