30 gedachten over “The Fast Show – “Channel9” part1”

  1. Am I right in thinking this was the very first Chanel 9 sketch? Audience reaction is somewhat muted/bemused at times.

  2. A theth theth theth, take me back to the nineties.
    Finishing an apprenticeship, buying a house, fast car , money in my pocket .
    Meeting the Mrs, getting married…
    Indie music, going to festivals
    Out five nights a week, in your twenties sir … ooof suit your sir.
    Do you sir , do you ? I bet you would sir.
    Who me ? with my reputation?
    At three in the morning in the girls dormitory?
    Of course , I was , very very drunk……
    Which is nice.

  3. Pour las Garden Gizmo workas!. Ma meras $3000. Sminky panky

  4. Every time they spoke on Chris Waddle they always showed a tank battle or conflict of some sort.
    I remember at the time my younger brother and I thinking Waddle was some sort of army commander.😆
    Did not know he was actually a soccer player.
    Strange that they always showed war stuff when making fun of him.

  5. Sadly would not be done today in these politically correct times

  6. Found this show through Johnny Depp, excited to watch it for the first time.

  7. The way they always just slid in Boutros Boutros Ghali for no reason 😂

  8. Recently moved to Portugal, it’s amazing how often I think I hear faljihela faljihelay, or fonctioni moronico 😂

  9. I don't speak the language, and I found that fucking hilarious!

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