The Dollar Is Going To $0 #shorts

laatste update: 01-2023

Why the dollar is going to zero:
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30 gedachten over “The Dollar Is Going To $0 #shorts”

  1. As long as it's backed by america goods and services it will be worth something and by law it is just the more you print the less it's worth

  2. yes. the dollar will not be served as world currency after 100years later. but I don't think that I can see the new power of currency in my lifetime because I might be dead after 70 years later. So.. I just leave this for next generation. I don't worry about future after my death. lol

  3. Whats story my friend ..nobody listens to those American lies….3-6-9 buumm

  4. The dollar isn’t even backed up by a natural resource which is absolutely frightening for the dollar.


  6. I didn't get anything out of this… are you making this video just for the sake of making a video for views?

  7. This guy making money off this market crash all he's doing trying spread panic that we going go back to the stone age if the dollar hits 0

  8. The only thing that went to zero is my Blockfi account. Thanks for the affiliate links.

  9. dont forget if there is a zero, there is also a negative -1%.

  10. There were a couple steps… 1933 with the executive order requiring gold coinage to be turned in and then after the dealine the gold price was raised from 20.67 to $35 then I would say the biggest drop in the dollar was 1965 when the johnson sandwiches came out (copper/nickel clad instead of 90% silver coinage), but then the gold price was allowed to float when Nixon officially eliminated the gold/dollar peg. So end of gold certificates, then end of silver certificates and then the end of any tie to precious metals.

  11. Meh – At least when it's worth nothing it still exists.

    Pound sterling will cease to be legal tender when the debt that was created to form the bank of England is finally paid off, it becomes worthless as the bank will formally have to close having served it's intended purpose.

  12. Research the Weimar Republic for an insight to the future. Your current government at work.

  13. “Our currency has gone from 1 of itself to none of itself!!!”
    “Gentlemen, please! There’s a solution you’re not seeing…”

  14. Did he say the usd has collapsed the last 400 years?!?! How does this make any sense if the USD is only 231 years old?

  15. Every one look more into the federal reserve thing because it's true… in creating the federal reserve our money is no longer backed by gold… they are just going to keep printing more money until the system fails… why due you think it was put it place and our own president made it illegal to own Gold at the time…

  16. U got a pretty mouth 😏
    I'll buy that for a dollar 💵


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