The BIGGEST Trading Mistake Your Probably Making #shorts in 2023

laatste update: 12-2023

I see traders make this mistake all the time. All though it’s a simple problem, with a simple solution. You can probably catch yourself doing it multiple times while trading. Stick to your game plan. #short

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30 gedachten over “The BIGGEST Trading Mistake Your Probably Making #shorts in 2023”

  1. For a start I deposited $2,000 to test the waters, in 24 houers I got a return of $19,450 Her diligence and honesty is undeniable #expert_hannamacko

  2. Now is a good time for investors to grow their portfolio with the right approach to the market.

  3. Always respect the stop loss. Whether win or lose. I hate it when it touches stop loss and then it moons. But most of the time when that happens it's manipulation from the big boys. They know where your stop loss is.

  4. I don't always put a stop loss, only a take profit. Sometimes it works if the market reversed a little bit against my trade and goes back on track, but most of the time i loose all my money when the trade reverses to the 100% mark(stop out) and boom, all my money gone 😭

  5. Me* whose stop loss gets hit first and then Target gets hit…

    but it won't happen again

  6. i did this earlier but now i never do this anymore and yet i the price keep hitting my stoploss however how much i put in my research, i dont know anymore im kinda losing hope in the market

  7. What kind of trading is displayed in this video? Im trying my best to learn the differences between everything.

  8. I used to do this all the time and worse no stop loss it’s different when you have real money on the line makes you take things serious

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