The Best Shoe Brands in 2019 (part 2) in 2022

laatste update: 09-2022

In this second part of the “Best Shoe Brands in 2019”, Hugo reviews 12 more brands of high end quality shoes from all around the world ranging from $650 to $2000. This episode aims to help you choose the best ready-to-wear luxury shoes on the planet according to your budget, to your taste, to your needs and to your style.
Watch Part 1 here :
.0:25 Antonio Meccariello
3:22 Santoni
4:15 Paolo Scafora
6:06 J.M. Weston
7:40 Norman Vilalta
9:27 Gaziano & Girling
11:20 St. Crispin’s
13:25 Bontoni
15:32 Stefano Bemer
17:21 Edward Green
18:29 John Lobb
20:54 Corthay /

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  1. What about Artioli? I recently bought a $2600 oxford from Artioli.

  2. Have been buying my shoes from Dapper Lane ( I'd highly recommend them. Extremely good quality and you can customize everything using their online configurator.

  3. any thoughts about Berwick1707 ? just thinking about getting a shoes of them . by the way , im a fan from Taiwan! great video !

  4. I am in love with Antonio Meccariello's shoes just wow, so glad they're the most affordable in this list lol.

  5. Excellent video. The feeling of touring about as you described the people and places made this all the more enjoyable, and I am taking notes. Your mentioning of a certain brand and Tokyo I am definitely taking note of

  6. Hi Hugo, on the 80’s (I was on my 20’s) I visited a good French friend of mine in Paris (I’m from Madrid). At that time, I had my first pair of church’s and we discussed about, as you’ve mentioned, the big deal between Weston and Church’s in France. My friend Jean finally bought the church’s (he would have more opportunities to buy the Weston as actually he did) and I felt in love of the Weston loafers. You have made me smile, many thanks!

  7. Fantastic video lecture. Ive noticed that Salvatore Ferragamo Trameza line is never mentioned by men’s wear enthusiasts, like yourself. What is the reason for that?

  8. This show is addictive, and makes me wish I could afford the sartorial life. I'll have to settle for off the rack for now, but I have been inspired to make an effort to dress more elegantly.

  9. Monsieur Jacomet, last year you personally recommended to me, who has quite a wide foot, to try JM Weston. I appreciated the suggestion immensely, yet sadly I was unable to try on a pair whilst their New York store was still in business, and sadly I cannot travel to France right now due to corona. That being said, I think you will be pleased to find out that I was able to find a US store which carried Edward Green shoes in stock for me to try on, and much to my surprise, I was able fit into an 11.5/12 in standard width on the 82 last perfectly. I am thus exceedingly proud to let you know that I shall soon be in possession of their Chelsea cap toe oxford in antique oak sometime this week. I specifically wanted you to know because I feel I owe this purchase to your guidance on elegant men's style. You're a gentleman through and through who has provided me with invaluable insight. You are a style inspiration.

  10. Paolo Sacfora is subcontracted by Salvatore Ferragamo to construct their most exclusive line of shoes, special edition tramezzas. (4:48)

  11. What’s a good men shoe mor a male with a bunion? I’m looking for a good quality shoe with a good sized box area.

  12. Hi, Hugo. What do you think of Mannina Firenze in Florence, Italy? Any experience?

  13. At first sight and also at second sight I feel pain in my feet because the shoes don't correspond to the human anatomy. All the orthopaedists can tell you all about it >>>>>>> Hallux Valgus.

  14. You have been extremely inspirational to me in men's elegant suits and fashion. I wish you had a Facebook account where we can share our own progress with you.

  15. I love shoes and both of your video. I’d love to try many of the brands in your video but most are not available in the United States.

  16. Thanks for this series of amazing shoe makers. I love my Santoni´s and now I found a few more brands I didnt know of. Thanks!

  17. Can we have Sonya do a women's version of this video? Best women's shoes in the world, that would be amazing!

  18. Im new to this channel, great video and Hugo is amazing in describing every company. Well done

  19. Very informative as always but with a slight tilt toward Italy, Spain and France. By the way, I was surprised not to see Alden and Crockett & Jones in this segment given their price brackets.

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