Teodor Shanin: Food sovereignty A critical dialogue in 2023

laatste update: 06-2023

Organized by the Yale University Agrarian Studies Program and The Journal of Peasant Studies in collaboration with Food First, Initiatives in Critical Agrarian Studies/International Institute of Social Studies (The Hague), Transnational Institute (Amsterdam), the Yale Sustainable Food Project, and Yale South Asian Studies, with support from Kempf Fund

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  1. Nowadays what people understand from progress, is economic progress… No one cares about social, cultural, human progress anymore. Look at our cities, look at our art, look at people on the streets. They deteriorate while skyscrapers are raping our skies! We applaud people dressed in sheets and imprison their women under veils, because they make good money!

  2. Such a treat to watch and hear Teodor Shanin whose work I was introduced to in my early grad days.

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