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TARKOV MEXICAN STAND OFF – Escape From Tarkov Highlights – LVNDMARK

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30 gedachten over “TARKOV MEXICAN STAND OFF”

  1. probably more like 95% quit. consider that we get like 300k players on wipe week

  2. Bro..! That situation with the stand-off was so nuts. I'd lose my shit too if it was me in their shoes hahaha

  3. Tarkov is more realistic game until forget the earth spin 1,037.5646 miles per hour and the bullets do not take into account any fake curvature 🤣🤣 hey hey hey 🤡

  4. Being surprised that people can get around without having a drivers license is such an American thing to do 🙂

  5. About cars jus because you don’t have a license doesn’t mean you don’t own it you jus can register the car in the USA if assume same in Canada who ever it’s registered to doesn’t make it that you own the vehicle like if he has the bill of sale which most likely he does since it was his cash to buy it and I’m sure his accountant would prefer on paper xqc owned it for tax purposes. Side note you can have someone register your vehicle while both you live on opposite sides of the country

  6. Tony enters slaps the guys around like Batman and proceeds to disappear

  7. This makes me jump on and want to ply mane I wish I was as good as tony

  8. I don’t understand why people don’t have drivers license either. I would still have one even if i didn’t drive much or at all probably.

  9. some dude in the chat "imagine getting dizzy from applying some vick's"

  10. That awkward moment where I'm thinking, "did he already post this raid? I swear I've already seen it." And then my name pops up in chat 🤦‍♂️

  11. idk if zesty is an insult, I think bro in the bathroom was just trying to say you're slick


  13. Of course they would. They didn't play this game to get fucking slapped by guys close to your level. I love watching you man but, streamers and sweatlords have killed this game.

  14. This conversation looks like two guys meet at the store waiting in line after some really good joints

  15. This is what happens to players right before they stop using VOIP and just start blasting people.

  16. Why does he discard all of those items on dead players on the ground?

  17. Love how at 14:43 Tony just demolishes this guy like its nothing and no one even notices because its just so expected and easy for him lmfao

  18. lmao these clips were funny asf also I think zesty means you smell bad im not sure tho thats the way it was used at my school

  19. You are wiping all tarkov community and you don’t stop to the point that no one’s else play. This isn’t a shooter looter with extraction, this is the Raw battle royal ever and tommy will be the last standing. No one’s can deal with so must Tarkov

  20. That right there is a pro gamer move leaving the loot for the ones in need.
    little bit further in the video "[also more zesty; most zesty] chiefly US. 1. : having a strong, pleasant, and somewhat spicy flavor." this is what google says about being zesty

  21. I bought registered and insured a car using a state ID as a license # you always keep the same number.. But it does instantly pop up on the scan and you will get pulled over lol

  22. about time to use a FULLY META GLOCK 17

    G sai threaded barrel
    Pachmayr Tactical Grip
    ZEV tech HEX spartan pistol slide
    Fischer Dev FD917 suppressor
    Aimtech Tiger Shark mount
    FAB Defense GLR-17 stock
    Trijicon RMR low Profile mount + Reflex sight

    LET's GO

    ammo… AP6.3/ PBP

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