Super Investors Just Bought These 5 Dividend Stocks!

laatste update: 09-2023

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In this video, we review the top 5 most frequently bought dividend stocks by super investors over the past quarter. Let me know your thoughts on these stocks in the comments down below!

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19 gedachten over “Super Investors Just Bought These 5 Dividend Stocks!”

  1. Hi, that your sheet have all the stocks, or only the US stocks?
    I M from europe, and have stocks from Portugal, Spain, France, UK.

  2. Don't make excuses for overpaying, it's more important to buy at or below fair value. Overpaying for even a great company can really hurt future returns. Microsoft 52 week low is under $220 per share I would be interested in $250 per share or lower.

  3. I bought one share of Microsoft at $162 and held it since. I’m not sure if it is wise to add more since I bought it so low.

  4. It's interesting to see what the big money investors are going to. Nice breakdown on everything, wouldn't mind seeing more of these going forward.

  5. Im a state employee. I get paid on the first of every month. Im looking for 3 quarterly dividend stocks that pay around the middle of the month. So far I have PG & USB. Im looking for a third stock, in March, june, Sept, and Dec 15. ?? S&P 500 aristocrat or king.

  6. Very timely…I hold MSFT, V and MA. All great long-term stocks!

  7. I follow your videos and love the content. My only question is…When using the intrinsic value that you calculate using all your formulas for almost any "great stock", whether it be any of the ones you mentioned in this video or any other dividend kind, aristocrat, etc. They almost always comes back as a sell. With these results, how do you decide what to buy when all the best companies come back as overvalued?

  8. Good stuff man, superb list of stocks, these are all highly desired companies to own & pretty popular among the investing companies with maybe the exception of #TSM that one kinda surprised me even though I own it in my Roth…a lot of them are near all time highs/52 week highs but when the market crashes or corrects, I might have to buy all the stocks off this list lol 👍🏾

  9. Hi, I really appreciate your contest, but regarding the Multiples Valuation Model for Mastercard: Why are you comparing Visa and Mastercard with ADP? Perhaps American Express (AXP) would make more sense?

  10. @Dividendology What do you think about exchange tickers? I just came across $MSCI. This monster has a 25% 5Y dividend growth rate.

  11. Always insightful to see what the top players in the game are buying… No surprise with MSFT and V

  12. Thanks for the amazing content. I appreciate the analysis. I don't always have time to perform my own analysis so I end up dollars cost averaging most of the time. At this time I'm saving cash to buy a larger amount of Microsoft. I plan on using your analysis to set up a limit order. Thanks again providing great content.

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