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STOCKS just went up a ton after this great day in the stock market. A lot of stocks to buy now in the stock market and stocks to watch. Enjoy!

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LMK if you know any stocks to buy now or stocks to watch!

30 gedachten over “STOCKS ARE BACK BABY – GET READY in 2022”

  1. Buy some SQ. It’s not a small cap but very good company and if they ever get into the insurance business like lemonade, it will be a great company!!

  2. SFIX yeah, hit hard, was considering buying some, but it's the new competition that's been out that could keep it low, including RVLV and have you heard of AKA brands and LVLU recent IPOs? I bought some AKA and just watching LVLU

  3. great FUNKO financial analysis is here is on "The Italian Investor" YT channel entitled "FUNKO stock valuation – 100% upside potential within 2023"

  4. Please: take a look to a video of Funko made from a very smart investor guy, channel The Italian Investor, video "+100% in just 2 years"

  5. Despite the economic downturn, I’m so happy ☺️. I have been earning $50,000 returns from my $10,000 investment every 13 days.

  6. To me the thing about products that companies like FUNKO make is when the product is hot the company essentially has a printing press however if the collectors find something else they like better though…. the value on all that stuff tanks and the market falls off. I do think though that they do make a quality product that people really enjoy and this has been true for a good while.

  7. I’d love to hear Jeremys opinion on Kevin’s trade on HOOD

  8. Yeah they are, well except for this crap Voyager Digital and CRSR that I'm in.. Not blaming you cause I made the final call.. But not going to lie, I cant wait until I can SELL THIS CRAP OR TAX HARVEST it next year!

  9. Didn’t Jeremy just post a “buy the dip” video? Yet he’s ecstatic when stocks are up and depressed when stocks are down…maybe he’s just confused.

  10. I'm still overall down but glad to see my small 5k portfolio bouncing back the last 2 days. Was able to put a little extra in while it was down and as usual wished I put in more. Gotta love these random rallies that only traders know about

  11. The stock market has been a really tough one this past months, but I watched an interview on CNBC where the anchor kept mentioning "…MARISSA SAPONARE…". This prompted me to get in touch with her, and from October 2021 till now we have been working together, and I can now boast of $540k in my trading portfolio..

  12. Jeremy where are your videos? You make my life much more miserable!!

  13. Merry Christmas. It all about growth and future stock. Need to know what companies are making changes for the future.

  14. I put 50% of all my money on one stock in the Netherlands, my home country: ASML Well known in the Netherlands; in USA a little bit under the radar. See the article:" Investors are going wild over a Dutch chip firm. And you’ve probably never heard of it". CNBC. Insane numbers!! Happy Christmas and a good new year.

  15. Jeremy you never done a discounted cash flow analysis… how do you evaluate at what price to buy stocks?

  16. profits from stocks come from other investors who are buying and selling stocks not company profits that's a myth a lot of people believe. its a legalized Ponzi scam that's it.

  17. Watch out for February. I work at UPS, our shipping numbers are lower than last year, we stopped hiring seasonal workers and have started laying them off. Our earnings report will be horrible. This always causes a drop in the market. Also the Seattle port has 2 unions on strike right now causing major issues. There should be a rally leading up to mid to late January, but after that, there should be some major dips in Large and Mega Caps. Money will flow into Small caps, and some value stocks.

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