Stealth changes and Boss Spawn buffs – Escape from Tarkov News and updates

laatste update: 02-2023

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30 gedachten over “Stealth changes and Boss Spawn buffs – Escape from Tarkov News and updates”

  1. Fuck you TBH I thought this video was about STEALTH MOVEMENT CHANGES, Touche on your ability to bait me like that.

  2. U can no longer shove a UBGL up ur ass. I got my first one few days ago and I shoved it up my ass.

  3. i wish they could just stop for a moment with all the updates on items and stuff like that, and focus on the games real problem, performance, bugs and laggs

  4. Thank you for showing all of this, my brother and I noticed things changing around, like Jaeger now sells the 590 for dollars now. It’s about 300 if I remember correctly which is strange from jaeger.

  5. My first wipe, very tough but enjoying it – can't really play much, still havent unlocked flea market but loving your videos mate.

  6. I have random paxket loss matches everyday. Eberything is fine from my side of things, bsg doesnt care.

  7. Still love it. The game is not broken. Because its in BETA. I will get mad if this is the full game but its not its a BETA. Sooooo yeeeh live with it and have fun with what you got! Its a great game.

  8. 48 rounds of 995 is selling to mechanic for 40454 Rub. 2023 1/17

  9. Did they fix the memory leak? I hate having to relaunch every 3 to 4 raids…

  10. Maybe one day BSG will stop being retarded by adding new content and starts prioritizing fixing all of the main problem the game has (netcode, audio, cheaters, scav ai, weapons feeling, stamina, …)

  11. I find it kind of weird people even do any of this. It’s a waste of time since it all just gets wiped. Am I the only person who just kills people and gets off and doesn’t care about any of the other crap.

  12. I stoped playing tarkov for now… Love the game but the audio is just killing me(literally) until they patch something I am out even tho I am going to be behind

  13. I hope to god they are prioritizing the audio, because it’s sooooooo fucking bad, Ive been playing for 7-8 wipes now and my lord I’ve always thought the audio sucked but I’ve never been so confused by the audioc other peoples audio and my own pmc audio, shit is wild and all over the place.

  14. Are raiders going to be buffed at all? Seen those fucks one time

  15. more garbage being thrown in to this net code dumpster fire

  16. To the player who just dropped the 39/40 blue Dorms 206 key in the buried cache behind the Old Gas Station extract, you sir, are a Tarkov team player! Thank you!

  17. Killed by Birdeye 3 times on woods as a scav in 1 day- RIP (Avoid scav bunker LOL) Birdeye and the Boys love it there on Woods

  18. @Airwingmarine you got ppl trying to do "give-aways" using your name.. again

  19. I used to hammer the beanies for the craft.. easy, easy profit all wipe.

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