Spacebudz NFT Chapter 2 – Entry Level Budz

laatste update: 12-2022

Entry Level / Floor Spacebudz trade hands the MOST due to their commonalities among the 10,000.

The Spacebudz community will eternally be one of the strongest NFT communities. With 10,000 pieces, they are the first NFT collection to ever launch on the Cardano blockchain. Stay tuned in on Mondays & Thursdays to learn more about the various rarities, fun facts, and my personal opinions/experiences amongst the 10,000.

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30 gedachten over “Spacebudz NFT Chapter 2 – Entry Level Budz”

  1. Hey bro, I enjoyed the second video.

    I think Spacebudz is still undervalued.

    The current price is a good price compared to the future price.

    I think CNFT's position is the best. I'm looking forward to your future moves.

    I'll look forward to the next video, bro. I like tigers, too. Haha.🐯😆❤

  2. Scale imbalances = opportunity for growth on the long hold.

  3. Just loving these CJ. I did a poll before I bought mine, probably the only CNFT I know of where people buy based on look and not rank. I'm happy with my little guy (no chest plate) Your video's will help me buy my second 🙂 Keep em coming!

  4. Wow you really seem to be in the know about SpaceBudz! I like it.

  5. SpaceBUDZ my favorite project!!!! and great video my brother

  6. I'm loving the content dude, the format is great! Also, thanks for the info provided

  7. as CJ gets more into the stats of the budz and actually what other variables to look for in order to find ur bud , it makes me realize how special a spacebudz is!!! keep up the great work!!!

  8. Incredible content! Very entertaining! Keep em coming CJ! ❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥

  9. There is a little extra relatively unknown feature to give an extra edge to a floor bud. Look for green boots, some green boots have an error. Its a missing shaddow. Have a look and you will see it. This was an error by the artist which Alessandro noticed but due to the wait in getting a reply from the artist it was left in as an additional, unlisted rarity feature.

    You're welcome. Stake @ KOALA

  10. Super informative, very helpful especially for those just getting

  11. Wow.. I know that not everyone can plan and implement this kind of thing. So I think you're really amazing. I'm really looking forward to your upload video. Thank you, Bro!!

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