Something Sinister Is Happening In The Crypto World…

laatste update: 06-2023

Crypto titans have been mysteriously bumped off… but why…

So, if you are ready,
Let’s go down This Rabbit Hole.
#crypto #conspiracy #mystery

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30 gedachten over “Something Sinister Is Happening In The Crypto World…”

  1. Of course someone is targeting them

  2. The world is a stage, we are show something else to hide what's really going on

  3. People saying nobody cares, well we do. It's just hard to find the devils when they walk among us.

    But fret not, none of this will matter when the super A.I. takes flight. It will weed out all evil.


  5. They died the same reason why Kennedy died. Tried to replace the money system

  6. Cuz the government knows they have information and you want it but they can't give it to him and then he killed three of them

  7. Why?? Why?? Why? These r little kids!!!! Why !!!!! Please in name that’s All Good U Have 2 Stop— PLEASE

  8. They harvest humans for millions worth of crypto, and got caught,

  9. The fucked up thing is no matter how many of us beleive this, what really could you do to the CIA or other leaders without proof other than this tweet if it's even real which would Def be doubted by anyone you approached with this, even with proof you'd most likely be dead soon after you went to someone for help, best thing to do is leave these people tf alone and just take care of your family and keep them close and dnt trust anyone bc everybody is out for blood to get what they want which is power but to have power you need money, so stay broke and stay alive, get paid, become a target, there's an unspoken rule in prisons and places where there's nowhere to run, YOU AINT SEEN OR HEARD SHIT! THE REST OF THE PLANET IS KUST A BIGGER PRISON AND FROM A GOVERNMENT AGENCY ESPECIALLY A CORRIPT UNGOVERNED ONE THERE IS NOWHETE TO HIDE UNLESS U CAN LEAVE EARTH WHICH NOONE CAN SO TEND OTHERS AFFAIRS AT YOUR OWN RISK, ME, ILL BE OVER HERE BROKE MINDIN MY OWN BUISNESS, ILL WATCH THE VIDEO OF ALL YALL NOSY PEOPLE WHEN YOU STEP ON THE WRONG FEET

  10. The way these ppl depart this world are all too common, of course it's sketchy.

  11. I wouldn’t put it passed them for a second. We already know they successfully import more drugs into this country than any cartel could ever dream of. How do you think they fund all these off the books operations when they have budgets voted on by senators and congressmen and women. It’s a lot easier to hide money nobody on the outside has an account of. They have constantly funded militant groups in conflicts around the globe. They did it with Cubans, the Central American countries, afghans when they were fighting russia, South Korea, the entire mess in Vietnam. Military industrial complex. It’s funny we were warned of this by a WW2 hero elected president for two terms. He spoke of it in his farewell address. The military industrial complex. Then Kennedy spoke out against the CIA and the FBI. How they had entirely too much power and that he realized he wasn’t exactly in control of everything that happened. And they got every single war we should’ve stayed out of. Korea, Vietnam, desert storm, Iraqi freedom. We have been lied to to enter one war after another. Maybe Korea was slightly necessary but the rest? There was no weapons of mass destruction. There was however oil and a shitload of opium. Vietnam war happens we have a massive opium epidemic in the country. Iraq war happens boom another massive explosion of opiates in our country. It’s all cogs in the wheel and it keeps us too fucked up, distracted, and disorganized to see what’s really going on.

  12. And if you play with your crypto You will go blind😮

  13. That info will come out and when it does you will see these perverts committing suicide all over the place

  14. It is absolutely true! Many in DC before and now, the Royal Family, Zuckerberg, Lady Gaga, Tom Hanks, etAl all participate and it's not just sex trafficking it's torture and dismemberment with consuming adrenochrome blood of children!

  15. They think we are lambs an they don't like how we are waking upto this

  16. We all know the truth when time is wright it's all comeing to the end god win s make my words

  17. Anyone who tries to expose the truth about anything mysteriously dies… We need to wake the f up people

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