Solana Moves Full Scale Ahead || Will Dominate Next BULL RUN

laatste update: 08-2022

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Can Solana RECOVER with a VENGENCE or will it CRASH again ?

Solana Will 20x Next Bull Cycle | PT $500 to $1,000 in 18 months

Solana Web3 Native Phone Allows MASS Adoption to DEFI

Solana Stabilizing then MOON

Solana Finally Launches QUIC to ALL Validator to Solve SPAM Attacks

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  1. To be honest most of us are investors and mostly care about price action but knowing that the tech will be adopted and has a great use case helps strengthen my conviction in the investment. Upside potential for me is high

  2. You have been providing me with some great insights about Solana as they work through their network congestion issues. However, when you throw Ada in the same sentence as Luna, and say you don't see them doing training programs. It shows that you have done very little research. That's not so great for your credibility. Cardano has a different funding and training program. They fund their projects through a decentralized organization called catalyst. They do training through their pioneers program. It's not called summer camp, but they have trained a thousands of developers on various aspects of the cardano ecosystem. I totally understand being a fan of Solana because I am too. They have a huge future. But don't say stupid things that show you have very little understanding of a space like Cardano. It makes me believe you less. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  3. One last note on Cardanos catalyst fund, they are now providing more than a million dollars in funding every few months for projects building in their ecososytem. I personally know someone who just got funded last round, and he was one of many, many projects that got funded.

    So again, different model, but also very active in this bear market with a very strong ecosystem.

    Best of luck in the summer camp! I hope you get funded

  4. Really appreciate your videos. can you make video about solana valudatirs? It seems to be quite different than ethereum, eg. no staking is required but 1 sol needs to be paid to vote. This seems very inefficient to small validators, how many sols one needs to hold to break even being validatir?

  5. Hey, you look fit again… I hope Corona didn’t take you too hard.

    Nice to see a new video of you again. Great work, keep it up.

    Greetings from Germany

  6. Great vid. I’m bullish on Solana however I’m worried about Near since they compete for the same developers, have the same objectives and are backed by big VCs as well. Plus some say the sharding tech is in theory impressive. Would you hedge your bet somewhat with Near? I feel Solana is so far ahead and like you mentioned on this video they are building and organizing like crazy. What are your thoughts on this?

  7. Great video mate. Would be interested to hear your thoughts on Solana pay adoption and also if you had an opinion on Sui by mysten-labs?

  8. Thank you for your update bro….I am so bullish on solana I have bought over 122 and will keep dca for the remaining of this bear market. No more risky meme coin for me. Solana is my main coin right now. I have lost soo much with Volt inu. Am litigating my loss with Solana and so far it's the best stable coin I could have chosen.

  9. You need some glasses or getting out of your bubble if you don't see the same growth or even more on other chains. The L2s like Arbitrum, Optimism and Polygon are seeing impressive growth in terms of building.

  10. So interesting to hear people constantly say “I know it’s a bear market bear market bear market”

    Am I missing something? I’m aware we are in a “trough”, anyone could notice that by looking at how all stocks have been declining. But I’m so confused why people address it being scary to invest now. But if you have “spareable” liquid right now, why the flip would you not be investing really hard? My wife and I are doing that. Like, it’s clearly going to get way better than this again at some point. I feel like markets like this are where the most hope lies, cause the only place to go is up (at least, EVENTUALLY it is basically guaranteed to go way up)

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