Sketchy Politics: mapping the next election | FT

laatste update: 11-2023

The FT’s UK political commentator Robert Shrimsley and deputy opinion editor Miranda Green map the political landscape and offer early analysis of the main parties’ progress ahead of next year’s expected general election.

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19 gedachten over “Sketchy Politics: mapping the next election | FT”

  1. Nice. Though the analysis of red wall falling feels like it overly credits the Cons and doesn't appreciate that maybe Corbyn himself accelerated that process? The Con gains were in two elections facing Corbyn

  2. .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Thank you – this was most fun and informative – Brilliant

  3. One of the best videos on the subject I’ve seen. They did well to focus on the three main battles at the next election instead of just Labour vs Tories

  4. May I kindly suggest that, should Remembrance Sunday and The Cenotaph turn out to be the horror show that I fear it may plus the 'Crescent Wall' fracturing from Labour, I can very well see the Conservatives and whatever alliance they have with Reform remaining in power.

  5. Democracy, is just a bit of fun isn’t?! Don’t take it too seriously!!

  6. I am outside of the UK, and love these video's, thanks! ❤😃👍👊

  7. A year or two ago I would have said the Tories were caught in a pincer attack with the red wall returning and the blue wall threatened by Lib Dems. I now wonder if people may not risk Lib Dem and go straight to Lab. That would imply a major shift across the board to Labour.

  8. It would be funny if both Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak lose their seats!

  9. "Can you guess what the General Election result is yet?!" – given the number of MP's that appear to be sex-pests its apt I think to ask in the style of the disgraced sex-pest Rolf Harris.

    I feel for anyone that goes out to vote, then gets a result they didn't want simply because so many seats will be won on a 47% turnout on the one hand then First Past the Post on the other.

  10. The Cons are screwed the longer they leave it the worse it will get because of Ideology they will not deal with the energy Crisis which they made and is exacerbated and magnified by Privatisation.
    Energy prices feed into everything not just domestic bills and even moderate Tory MP's will not admit to the legacy failure of Thatcherism and Austerity

    Here's why

    With the energy price cap below £1,300 throughout 2021, UK households spent around £30 billion on energy during the year. In 2023 the projected spend is around £170 billion. This is equivalent to more than doubling the basic rate of income tax from 20% to 45% or almost doubling VAT from 20% to 38%. Just over 6% of GDP.

  11. Lol I thought this was mapping the elections here in the US for next, but I still watched it very creative and informative

  12. Strange to say that the Scottish Greens have been "bad in government" when polls show them increasing their representation in Holyrood – impressive for a junior coalition partner.

  13. Pretty sure thay the Tories are going to lose at this point. The question is not whether the Tories will lose but by how much.

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