SHOCKING Crypto Network Beating Out SOLANA!

laatste update: 01-2023

Did you know that the Pi network has more Twitter followers than Solana? While Solana can be expensive, the Pi network is free to join and could potentially be a great investment in the future. However, be cautious as there may be scam coins that try to mimic Pi.
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17 gedachten over “SHOCKING Crypto Network Beating Out SOLANA!”

  1. What Pi are you talking about? There isn't even a main net yet is there?

  2. Pi is a shitcoin…. Stop schilling this. ZERO use case…

  3. Beware you can buy as many twitter followers as you want, it’s not even that expensive

  4. Silvergate Shares Plunge After Withdrawals Top $8.1 Billion During Crypto Meltdown

  5. Speaking of pi, what the hell is going on with that?? Is it going to go anywhere or not? I remember a couple years ago you seemed on board with the idea and seemed to endorse it. Then nothing….

  6. You are one bitter man. Solana is going back to the top ten. Deal with it.

  7. Too many coins to go very high though. Adoption will decide if this succeeds or not

  8. Good on you talking about PI , this is the only crypto going to be regulated first, partnership with Amazon will skyrocket this coin, until then just keep on mining and wait.

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